Sunil Ranasinghe, Dec.26, 2006: I am Sri Lankan Anthropologist and freelance writer, sine 1983 we have been experiencing brutal war against the Innocent people, 65.000 people lost their lives, more than 300.000 people displaced, this condition inspired me to write the poems.

How I say to you

How I wish to you
Happy New Year
On this killing field
With the lament of
Mothers and widows
Who lost their beloved?
I have seen Homeless children
Picking something
To eat from rubbles
I have seen Empty handed women
With mourning rags
In ruined villages.
I heard thousand voices
From locked down in prison
Who were abducted?
Tortured and raped?
Number of neighbors
Disappeared in bright sun
In front of our eyes
But we are silenced
By oppressive state
An unknown gun - man
Walking around us
Pointing its rough finger
Towards to you and me
How I wished you
Happy New Year
On this killing field