The contemptible fundamentalists go mad when talk about “Islamic hejab” but, their own “diplomats” allow themselves to drop their trousers in front of women!

Afghan diplomat strips in front of woman neighbour

Mid Day (New Delhi), August 17, 1995

A senior diplomat of the Afghanistan embassy allegedly stripped in front of a woman neighbour in Anand Niketan last night, triggering off embarrassing the police and diplomatic activity. The neighbour is screaming for action against the drunk diplomat and the police says it is hampered by the diplomatic immunity that the first secretary enjoys.

Sultan Mahmmod Dehdar first secretary of the Afghanistan Embassy (So-called Rabbani government), India dropped his trousers in front of an Indian woman.

The 'flasher' diplomat narrowly escaped a thrashing from the residents who surrounded him after the woman raised an alarm around midnight. The crowd was not impressed by his diplomatic immunity, but chose not to shed blood.

Southwest district police said that the first secretary of the Afghanistan embassy had been in a drinking session with a friend last night. When his friend finally left around midnight, the diplomat - whose name the police did not disclose - stepped out of his house and entered the compound of his neighbour's house. The woman was alone at her house, save for a maidservant since her husband was away.

The diplomat rang the door-bell, and in response the woman peered out of the window to confirm the identity of her midnight caller. On spotting her neighbour, the lady presumed that he wanted some help and opened the door after asking her maid to accompany her.

To her shock and horror, the diplomat proceeded to take down his trousers, and flashed himself while swaying in a drunken stupor.

An alarm was raised by the woman and her maid, and in minutes neighbours came to her aid to see the drunken diplomat still standing at the front door, half naked and unable to realise what was happening. A neighbour dialed 100 and a PCR van rushed to the spot even as neighbours started castigating the diplomat for his behaviour.

The police has registered a case against the diplomat for criminal trespass and indecent exposure offences punishable by imprisoned and fine. The police however said they were hampered by the diplomatic immunity accorded to embassy officials, which prevented his arrest.

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