Masood may get US stingers

The Frontier Post, July 16, 2001
Naveed Miraj

ISLAMABAD : United States of America (USA) may supply stinger missiles to Ahmad Shah Masood to ensure that he is not completely defeated by the end of this year, reports Jane's Defense Weekly.

In its latest edition the weekly has reported that intelligence agencies of USA have reported that at the end of this year Taliban have planned to launch a massive offensive to completely rout Ahmad Shah Masood and get hold of the area under his control.

The weekly reports that the USA does not want to see Taliban becoming undisputed rulers of Afghanistan and thus has decided to help Ahmad Shah Masood.

With the supply of stingers the opposition forces in Afghanistan will be able to counter the air attacks by Taliban planes.

Stingers proved very successful during Afghan Jihad against Russian forces.

It was the most successful weapon which got the Russian air force scared and then Russians had to leave Afghanistan.

Taliban have faced world pressure over their policies and their refusal to hand over osama bin laden, termed enemy no 1 by USA.

Taliban are also facing UN sanctions but so far have successfully sustained the pressure.

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