Taliban order shooting of food suppliers to opposition areas

The Nation, January 3, 2001
By Shamim Shahid

PESHAWAR-To block supply to the people living in oppositions controlled areas, Taliban authorizes have directed soldiers to shoot to death the people smuggling foods along with their animals of transport.

So far 100 donkeys along with four alleged smugglers have been shot dead by Taliban soldiers who are guarding borders between Nijrab of Kapisa province and Sarobi town of Kabul province.

According to independent sources, Sarobi-Nijrab route has become popular for supply of food items to the Ahmad Shah Massoud's controlled areas of Kapisa, Parwan and other provinces.

In this connection, the smugglers have not only minted money but have also made accomplices certain leading soldiers and commanders of Taliban Islamic Movement Taliban high ups at Kabul after coming to know the activities at the border have not only imposed a ban on the supply of food items to opposition controlled areas but have even ordered shooting of livestock and people accompanying the convoys.

Similarly, Taliban authorities have also removed commander Mulla Abdul Hayee from his office and now a days he is facing a trial before an Islamic court at Kabul. In the light of the directives, Taliban soldiers and commanders who have replaced Mulla Abdul Hayee and his subordinates have established check posts in all mountainous and unpopulated areas and are not allowing supply of any item to the opposition controlled areas. They have so far shot dead 100 donkeys and four persons. A large number of other smugglers have succeeded in escaping.

They have also confiscated a huge quantity of food items included wheat flour, ghee and rice.

It may be mentioned here that Taliban in the last one year have also targeted donkeys for strategic purposes. Earlier in June and July a Taliban have assembled some 3500 donkeys along with hundreds of goats, sheep and mules just for defusing land mines planted by the opposition forces.

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