RAWA statement

Sayyaf's henchman has to be given lesson!

A rogue gang has recently been reported that shamelessly practices Taliban-style restrictions in Muhajir Bazaar at Jalozai camp. According to the reports; this gang members smash TVs, VCRs, tape recorder sets, destroy all music shops and shave men seen with long hair. After ruining the material and spiritual prides of the Afghan nation in the name of religion, these "Northern Alliance" pathogens now dream to spread their germs and rob the devastated people from their basic rights in Pakistan. Such activities by the hated Jehadis prove that they and the Taliban have the same agenda; exceeding each other in terror, destruction, and hostility against science and culture. The Taliban and Rabbani-Masoud and Co could not cut off the people from their culture, arts, and music despite imposing tyrannical rule in the country. Therefore, these violent slaves are too powerless to achieve this heinous goal.

According to the reports, Haji Doost Muhammad who is reported to be closely affiliated with Rasul Sayyaf is the leader of this gang. Is this henchman wishing to sustain the reign of terror of his masters or trying to win the favor of the Taliban? Doost Muhammad and his gang name their heinous crimes as "battle against evils". They fail to remember that the blood-curdling atrocities by their notorious Jehadis leaders such as Sayyaf, Gulbaddin, Rabbani, Masoud, Khalili and Dostum are branded in the memories of our people; paling in comparison to the Taliban's tyrannical rule.

Doost Muhammad and his band can be recognized by the company that surrounds them. Ahmed Shah Masoud, who ridiculously wraps himself in the garb of democracy, tries to shield himself from being lined up with other Jehadis. His true nature comes to light when his craving for power leads him to hook up with the most notorious and bloodthirsty leaders such as Sayyaf and Gulbaddin, whose hands are stained with the blood of thousands of innocent people. The activity by Doost Muhammad's gang has removed the mask of Masoud; thus, canceling out the cheap advertisement of Europe for Masoud.

RAWA wants all refugees, in particular, the residents of Jalozai to raise their powerful voices against the enemies of the Afghan culture and not bow before their science-hating, technology-hating and liberty-hating demands. Doost Muhammad and his shameless cliques should not be allowed by any cast to root in Pakistan to turn this insecure shelter of Afghan refugee into their treacherous territory. We staunchly believe that proud youths of Afghanistan would never let an uncivilized gang seize and oppress their culture.

Meanwhile, RAWA asks from the Pakistan government to probe into the matter and punish these infamous war criminals of Sayyaf and Gulbaddin. Before these pathogens infect Pakistan, they have to be taught the lesson that living in Pakistan and their daydreaming of imposing the Amro bil mahroof (Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice) restriction will never be fulfilled.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
August 10, 2001