The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
RAWA, April 26, 2019

Neither the Taliban nor the Jehadi criminals, power in the hands of the Afghan people!

RAWA statement on the dark days of 28th and 27th April

RAWA statement on Saur dark days 2019

The national mourning days of 7th and 8th Saur this year coincide with yet another treason committed by the US after the treason of installing Jehadi criminals, Sayyaf, Rabbani, Fahim, Zahir Qadir, Abdullah, Dostum, Ismail, Atta Mohammad, Mohaqiq, Qanooni, Khalili, and others, after the downfall of their Taliban lackeys. As was predicted by us and other freedom-seeking, the US removed the Taliban from its list of enemies and is now trying to bring them, these cruel killers of thousands of young Afghans and filthy lackeys of Pakistan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, to power next to their Jehadi brothers so that like the brutal gang of Gulbuddin it could fulfil its role of a devoted and lifelong guardian of the political and financial gains of the US occupiers in our land.

There is no doubt that our people are burning in the hope for peace, but making peace with the Taliban murderers, pillagers and mercenaries who will get more power and privilege than before means the return of the hellfire that our people burned in during their Islamic emirate. Such ‘peace’ will set the ground for more devastating and destructive wars. The US has committed this treason through Khalilzad, with brokering from Karzai, Jehadi criminals and reactionary elements such as Anwar ul-Haq Ahadi, Aziz Rafi, Shahnawaz Tanai, Soraya Dalil, Omar Zakhilwal, Nilab Mobarez, Hafiz Mansoor, Habiba Sarabi, Orzala Ashraf, Ghafoor Lewaal, Latif Pidram, Zalmai Rasool, Javid Kohestani, Shahla Farid, Noor ul-Haq Oloomi, Rangin Spanta, Sima Samar, civil society actors and their likes, who will implement this plan in either Moscow, Doha or some other place. Contrary to the shameless claims of Fawzia Koofi, the bloodthirsty Taliban have not changed their nature one bit, and have not become ‘interesting’. The leopard can never change its spots. When the Taliban come to power, jointly or independently, they will follow in the steps of Sayyaf who said during the bloody and traitorous Jehadi years that the ‘infidel’ Kabul must be burned, and will use their Vice and Virtue Ministry and decrees to take revenge from the women, men, and old and young of Afghanistan. The sell-outs who are ready to forego their honor and dignity for power and money have accepted the order of their master and godfather, Khalilzad, and kneeled before the Taliban, and by proudly shaking their bloodied hands and praying behind them, they are siding with the Taliban in their attacks on our people, and handing over Afghanistan to their Pakistani masters with both hands.

In all this, Ashraf Ghani who has felt the insulting slaps of the US and whose cowardly deals with Atta and Mohaqiq’s gang got him nowhere, is scrambling pitifully with his foolish advisers to sit at the negotiating table with the Taliban, despite the fact that the Taliban traitors kill tens and hundreds of soldiers and civilians every day, burning down districts one after the other, and displacing the helpless inhabitants. He has tried knocking on every door to achieve this purpose and his panic has resulted in the formation of a 250 people group, and even the ridicule of the ISI’s Taliban.

Of course, no one expects a puppet government with no base among the people and made up of fundamentalists and CIA-fed technocrats whose only concerns are wearing good ties and copying American spokespersons, to want or be able to clean up the criminals and corrupt people in the government, and to arm the people to go in a decisive battle against the Taliban, ISIS and other terrorists to clean Afghanistan from their filth. Such a task is only possible with the uprising of our people and the destruction and removal of these arch criminals of the past four decades, and raising the flag of independence, freedom and democracy over the injured body of Afghanistan in the captivity of the religious and non-religious lackeys of the CIA, ISI, and the oppressive religious regimes of Iran, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. These are not just slogans. At this very moment, the women and men of Sudan and Algeria are fighting to throw their despotic and fundamentalist ridden regimes in the bins of history without fear from the oppression of the government. Why wouldn’t our nation, who have the proud history of resisting the English and Russian invaders, destroy the Taliban and ISIS killers and their partners?

In our people’s views, the Taliban seem “strong” and “supreme”, but this is not true. It is due to the weakness, inefficiency, deep-rooted corruption, deep influence of the agents of Pakistan and Iran, and the CIA-created mafia’s rule in the government of Ghani and Abdullah that the illiterate, reactionary, medieval-minded, and most importantly, ISI-created Taliban, appear powerful. Also, propaganda by US officials and media that paint the Taliban as “undefeatable”, and some intellectuals inside and outside Afghanistan that call them “the resisting force against occupation”, have made the Taliban appear stronger and more powerful.

But our people know that if Pakistan stops its support for the Taliban, for even a week, their backs will break and their shameful lives will end; they know that a group that was created and nurtured by a reactionary government, and which has committed horrifying massacres cannot and should not hold their fate in their hands once more and drag Afghanistan back by several centuries. Our people have not forgotten the massacres by the Taliban in Shamali and Hazara-inhabited areas, the murder of all the teachers, students, and journalists, and the burning down of the schools. We have always said that our people are never going to forgive the Taliban and will punish them, if for nothing but the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamyan, no matter how strong a backup they have in the US or Pakistan.

It is the duty of the democratic and independence-seeking forces to deepen and widen this consciousness and hatred and anger, and organize the masses of women and men to form a sustainable and triumphant movement. The participation of women in the struggle against the Taliban and their Jehadi brothers is vital and decisive. Women should know that they can play their historic role with a brave struggle for independence, democracy and secularism, against fundamentalism, and never in the way of the “CIA” women by rushing to the US embassy and declaring allegiance to Khalilzad. Our struggler women consider such actions as disgusting and see fighters like Malalai, Nahid, Meena and the women of Iran, Kurdistan, Turkey, and others, as their inspiration and will not bow to torture or pressure from the enemy.

Our freedom-seeking compatriots,

With the inclusion of the Taliban in power, harder and more horrible days will be awaiting us, and we don’t have more than two options: giving in with fear, spinelessness and humiliation, or fighting bravely and staunchly against the criminal Taliban and Jehadi traitors and their accomplices. Let us choose the second path and prove to the world that the people of Afghanistan, like the people of Iran, Sudan, Algeria and other countries, are alive and thirsty for freedom and democracy and social justice and removing the stains of 7th and 8th Saur from their history.

Down with the Taliban and their Jehadi brothers and their accomplices!

Long live an independent, democratic Afghanistan free from the fundamentalism plague!

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
April 28, 2019

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