The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
RAWA, March 7, 2018

Sisters, let’s break the chain of foreign domination and local despotism with a resolute struggle!

On March 8th, RAWA calls upon all women to become united and raise their voices together for this paramount and liberating struggle

March 8 2018 RAWA statement

On the eve of International Women’s Day, our women continue to burn in the blaze of a hell named Afghanistan laid out by the US and its Taliban, ISIS, Jihadis and technocrats stooges. This land, which the US and its allies occupied seventeen years ago under the pretext of “liberating” Afghan women, is now being reigned by tyranny and barbarism where women face the brunt of these atrocities, while the misogynist culprits enjoy the freedom of impunity. Our women under the ironic US-made banner of “democracy and women’s rights” face unspeakable violence everyday: killing and burning, mutilation, beatings, rape, stoning-to-death and lashing in public.

Most recently, the Taliban and ISIS criminals, who were assisted by the Pakistan’s ISI and Iran’s VAJA in collaboration with their own circles in the Palace, carried out deadly suicide attacks that took hundreds of innocent lives in Kabul and other provinces. While women causalities were not less, every suicide attack leave behind hundreds of mothers to mourn the loss of their beloved ones. It wrenches every one’s heart to watch these mothers in tears and also makes the blood boil to denounce the perpetrators in particular the notorious Jehadi warlord, Gulbaddin, the ISI’s blue-eyed boy who shamelessly defends the suicide attack with a religious explanation justifying it as “Seeking Martyrdom.”

Taliban and ISIS are not the only forces responsible for the agony and pain our women endure everyday. The U.S., NATO and their sponsored government are also accountable for the mortal damages on innocent women and children who were blind-sided by aerial bombardments in Jalalabad, Kunar, Farah, Lugar, Paktia and Qunduz. Jihadi warlords and their armed thugs who operate under “Parapolice” are the main perpetrators of the major violence against women such as killing, rape and abduction. Tens of women prefer to commit suicide and burn themselves after being raped in order to purify their “chastity stain” and get rid of domestic violence forever. Our women have yet to reach to a level of awareness where they see their emancipation not in burning themselves but in crashing down the rule of Ghani and Abdullah, as well as evildoers like Gulbaddin, Sayyaf, Dostum, Abdullah, Mohaqiq, Atta, Bismillah, Qanooni, Amrullah Saleh, Atmar.

Respected sisters,

We are of staunch belief that non-profit organizations and women of “civil society” don’t have the guts to break the chain of women’s oppression with their pleasing and comprising tune. The struggle for independence, freedom, and women’s liberation is not a dollar-run project but a stiff battle that can only be carried out from within, by progressive women and men with resolute and unwavering stance against the reactionaries and their foreign masters. On March 8th, RAWA calls upon all women to become united and raise their voices together for this paramount and liberating struggle similar to the way and means of fearless women such as Clara Zetkin, Rosa Luxemburg, Sakine Cansız, Meena, Marziyeh Oskouee, Shirin Alamhuli, Zoya, Leyla Qasim, Nahid Saed. Let’s fight till the end and never look back.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
March 7, 2018

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