The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
RAWA, April 27, 2017

Forgiving and forgetting past crimes is treason to history and its victims!

RAWA’s statement on the odious Saur days

RAWA statement on 27 and 28 April/Saur days 2017
Forgiving and forgetting past crimes is treason to history and its victims!

27th and 28th April, two shameful days in our country’s history are reminiscent of imprisonments, torture, killing of thousands of innocent people, mass graves, massacres, rape, looting, plunder of national treasures, selling of our country to foreigners, and hundreds of other crimes and treacheries. This year, this grave and mournful day will be marked with the arrival of the ‘butcher of Kabulis’ – Gulbuddin Hekmatyar – in Kabul, pouring salt over the wounds of thousands of people who were victims of his dog-eat-dog infighting with fellow Jehadi brothers.

After investing in them for decades, the US immediately imposed its Jehadi lackeys upon our nation when it invaded Afghanistan. These thugs came back to power as undisputed victors, without any accountability for their criminal actions in the past, especially during their horrifying reign of blood and treachery from 1992-1996, and continued their plunder. Their mafia domination and oppression has helped the revival of the Taliban, the Haqqani network, and other terrorist groups who have caused a bloodbath in Afghanistan for the past decade and a half.

In the past 16 years, the US and NATO invaders have used every opportunity to try and lick the blood off of their criminal agents’ faces; several years back, the leaders of 27th and 28th April forgave each other in the wolves’ lair (Parliament); Dostum “apologized” for the “negative impact” his actions had had on people after he was chosen as Ghani’s first deputy; a few hours after a peace agreement was signed between the government and Gulbuddin’s partyd, Qareeb ul-Rahman Saeed, a murderer belonging to Gulbuddin’s Hezbe Islami, apologized to “the people, and especially families, who had suffered during the civil war”, though several party leaders quickly rejected the apology. These traitors put up these “apology” theatrics upon the orders of their masters, and believe that such apologies will settle their accounts with the people. But these people were not children who broke cups and plates and can resolve the issue with an apology, these people are responsible for countless massacres, treason, plunder, and the utter destruction of our country. For these actions, they should be given maximum penalty in a people’s court, because only then can our suffering country look towards a peaceful future with no bloodshed.

The Jehadi criminals announced their endless hatred towards women from the day they took power in 1992. Let us remember that it was Rabbani’s government who first set up the oppressive Vice and Virtue Ministry before the medieval-minded Taliban did; stopped thousands of women from working outside; imposed the Hijab; and ordered that women could only step outside with their mahram (close male relative). The dark period of the rule of these Jehadi pigs can be called the worst period for Afghan women. Even if the US forgives its agents a thousand times over, our women will never forgive the blood of Shukria, Nahid, and tens of innocent women who were victims of these Jehadis. Our people will not forget that the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Haqqani network, and ISIS are all by-products of the ignorance and tyranny of the Jehadis, even if their leaders, Atta, Qanooni, Bismillah, Sayyaf, Mohaqiq, Abdullah, Ismail Khan, Mohsini, Khalili, and others, have cleaned up to look born “democrats” today.

The US has benefited the most from its Jehadi and Taliban creations to transform Afghanistan into its strongest military base in Asia. The US has succeeded to be the sole superpower in our country through its fundamentalist, technocrat and intellectual servants. Today, the US uses Afghanistan to undertake its imperialist depredations and use it as a testing ground for its weapons tests, so it can threaten its rivals and secure its hegemony over the world. But we raise our voice with the Afghan nation, and cry that we will not forgive and we will not forget, we will only find peace with the freedom of our nation from the bloody claws of the US invaders and the Jehadi, Taliban, and ISIS criminals.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
April 27, 2017 – Kabul

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