OCML VP, August 30, 2021

Address to our fighting sisters of RAWA in Afghanistan

Against imperialism and obscurantism

Dear fighting sisters! Dear comrades!

It is with great concern that we have learned that the Taliban has entered Kabul again. The puppet regime put in place by the imperialists has collapsed like a house of cards. This may be the end of a war, but what peace can you enjoy at the hands of a fascist and ultra-obscurantist religious regime that is being set up?

We are outraged that our country, imperialist France, has engaged in this military and neo-colonial venture and has been party to the suffering of your people. This venture was carried out in the name of freeing the women of Afghanistan from the clutches of the Taliban. It is to denounce this hypocrisy that we were involved twice, once in 2002 and again 2009, in organization a tour through France of one of your activists. It was necessary to make another voice heard ; that of the oppressed of Afghanistan, those in whose name the imperialists and their media and intellectual guarddogs claim to speak without ever giving them a voice.

In our country, the government and politicians, both left and right, shed crocodile tears over the fate of Afghanistan, whilst at the same time deporting and mistreating Afghan refugees and our president Macron refuses to receive those fleeing the Taliban. While the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, has named a street after Commander Massoud [1], at the same time as she has the police ransack refugee camps. They refuse to admit that it is the interference of countries like France that has given rise to the chaos that drives your compatriots to flee.

They don’t care about the fate of Afghan men and women. What matters is the global competition between powers. The 2001 invasion was only the latest in a series of foreign aggressions against your country. The United Kingdom, the USSR, Pakistan, the USA, France and now too Turkey and China. Each one supports a side among the reactionary forces waging war against each other in order to advance their pawns before dropping them as necessary. This is what has just happened. The victory by the Taliban renders them a bargaining partner once again. The deal is simple : if they accept the rules of the imperialist game, the great powers will turn a blind eye to their internal politics. The "feminist" propaganda is then no longer heard. We need your feminist and revolutionary voice to be heard.

There is only one solution to break this vicious circle of misery for the Afghan people : a democratic, popular, anti-feudal and anti-imperialist revolution. We know that we agree on this point. Your goal is to build the democratic and revolutionary self-organization of the Afghan people, without relying on any particular imperialist or warlord. The oppressed people will never leave the imperialists alone. That is why OCML-VP will continue to support you and the emancipation struggle of the Afghan people.

Dear fighting sisters ! Dear comrades ! The OCML-VP remains at your disposal. We wish with all our heart to support your struggle materially and politically. We look forwards to seeing you soon in the struggle against imperialism !

[1] Ahmed Shah Massoud, a feudal and Islamist warlord supported by France until his assassination in 2001, was linked to the secret services of the DGSE. He was presented as a democrat and a feminist in all of the bourgeois media, while his troops massacred the civilian population and shut women away. He was part of the government that reintroduced sharia law in Kabul in the early 1990s.

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