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RAWA, 08.03.2021

Let Us No Longer Mourn but Make the Enemy Weep!

Our people have realized that the US’ claims of democracy, women's rights and progress in any country, including Afghanistan, is a blatant lie

It has been more than forty years that we are commemorating 8th March in the defenseless and ever betrayed Afghanistan. This year, the situation in our country is more disastrous than ever because the US with its hyena, Zalmai Khalilzad, wants to bring its medieval Taliban mercenaries back to life to rule over the people of Afghanistan, so that it can show the world once more, that the Afghan people deserve even more brutal rulers than Jehadi fundamentalists; so that it can have an upper hand in its competition with China and Russia and its power struggle with the murderous religious fascist rulers of Iran; so it can guarantee its control over the TAPI gas pipeline; prevent the establishment of democracy, women's rights and the independence and progress of our homeland by keeping it as a corpse like Iraq, Syria and Libya; and maintain Afghanistan as one of its hundred bases around the world, all by bringing the Taliban “Emirate” back. By completely ignoring Ghani’s government, releasing thousands of imprisoned Taliban, and propagating, honoring and embellishing this murderous, illiterate, and pathologically misogynist, anti-science, and anti-civilization group that cannot even confront the military forces of the corrupt Ghani government without ISI’s support, the US granted them political and diplomatic legitimacy in international level.

This betrayal of the US government, although costly for the people of Afghanistan, has had a positive aspect as well: our people have realized that the US’ claims of democracy, women's rights and progress in any country, including Afghanistan, is a blatant lie, and that this superpower is willing to commit any treason and atrocity against other nations in order to secure its best interests. Most importantly, the occupation of Afghanistan by the US and its allies proved that our people have no choice but to rely on their own strength for freedom, democracy and prosperity, and to rely on the hypocritical promises of the US or any other country is an irreparable mistake and disregarding this famous warning by Henry Kissinger, “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal." With the exception of Jehadi criminal gangs and Afghan CIA agents, Afghans have sufficiently understood the meaning of friendship with the US.

The US has, with money and power, baited some of its friends like Gulbuddin, Mujib al-Rahman Ansari, Karim Khalili, several leaders of Jamiat-e-Islami (Abdullah Abdullah, Salahuddin Rabbani, Rahman Rahmani and Zia Massoud) and other fundamentalist drug lords – directly or at Pakistan’s direction – to support the Taliban. There is no doubt that when these despicable savages become useless for the US, it will take them by the tail and throw them away like Noriega and Mohammad Reza Shah, but we shall not wait for that day. We have a history of heroic battles for independence against the British and the Russians. Today, it is up to our people, especially our women, to stand against the treason of the US through a nationwide uprising to fight Pakistani mercenaries, both Taliban and ISIS. Regardless of the distant past, we have seen how the women of Kobani rubbed the snouts of ISIS to the ground. In Ghor province, Qamar Gul and her younger brother took arms to avenge the blood of their family members against Taliban terrorists who attacked their home. The resistance of Iranian female fighters in the dreaded torture rooms of the Vilayat Faqih should set an example for us and be a source of inspiration. The matter is simple, if we rise without fear, with determination and resilience, we can drive the ISI-created Taliban to their Pakistani godfathers’ bosom.

The enemy wants to intimidate, particularly women, by killing young, educated, male and female journalists – like the brutal assassination of three female journalists and a female doctor in Nangarhar province last week – and doctors, children and mothers in hospitals. But we women can break this spell of fear by rising up against the enemies and besieging them with the fire of our resistance. We women are more vulnerable than men to the tyranny and oppression of fundamentalists of all kinds and now we must lead the resistance against the Taliban and co.The Doha “peace talks” are nothing but propaganda by the US and Khalilzad to whitewash the Taliban as “peace-seeking”. The members of the government delegation are some of the most infamous sell-out, corrupt figures and drug lords who do not have the guts and will never stand up to the Taliban traitors.Revolutionary Association of Afghan Women (RAWA) wrote in its statement “Sisters, do not commit self-immolation, rise up to immolate the enemy!”, that without responding to any kind of violence with violence, our oppression will not end. Today, as we call for the establishment of a democratic front against the Taliban, we call upon all democratic, secular, anti-fundamentalist and anti-occupation forces, all our tormented women, girls and men, to say that nothing will come out of mourning. Let us rise and resist against the Taliban and their partners, in any way and at any level, and give them a taste of defeat and sorrow.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
March 8, 2021

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