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We have to avenge the crime against Marwa!

The case, like hundreds of other cases of the rascality and atrocities of Jehadi commanders, was silenced

Nadir Khan, Marwa's sister
Nadir Khan, Marwa's sister.

In our country, crimes against women are still tormenting them and out of countless cases of crimes and violence against women, only a few have leaked to the media. These stories are so heart rending that they wound the heart and conscience of every person, except for Ghani and Abdullah and their mafia apparatus’.

One of these harrowing stories is that of Marwa and her 10-year-old sister, from Khewa district in Nangarhar province. Marwa was married to Khudai Raam’s brother three months back. Khudai Raam is the deputy of Gul Karim, a Jehadi belonging to Jamiate Islami and a commander of Hazrat Ali. On the wedding night, Marwa’s husband accused her of not being a virgin and severely beat her and her aunt, who was also present in the house. Khudai Raam joined his brother in this beating. They then tied up Marwa’s hands and feet and took her back to her father, Nadir Khan’s, house. Khudai Raam, this warlord, is the undisputed ruler of Khewa district, with the assistance and backing of Hazrat Ali and his son, Ahmad Ali. He called up Haji Akram, the police chief of the area, and attacked Nadir’s house with three police cars in tow. They beat up Marwa’s father and mother, and seized Marwa’s 10-year-old sister who hid in the clay oven out of fear. She was forced into marriage with Khudai Raam’s brother.

Marwa’s parent appealed to the district office the next day but no one paid heed to their case. In their hopelessness, they took Marwa to a safe house in Jalalabad. The case, like hundreds of other cases of the rascality and atrocities of Jehadi commanders, was silenced. The attorney complained that he had been threatened by Khudai Raam and Gul Karim numerous times.

Nadir Khan, Marwa's sister
Khudai Raam (circled in both photos) sold timber before the factional infighting (1992-1996). During the dog-eat-dog fighting of the Jehadis, he was a bootlicker of a local warlord named Gul Karim (pictured together in the left photo), and was later promoted to become his ringleader and secretary. Now, both are warlords of the area and are busy looting innocent people. Khudai Raam is also one of Hazrat Ali’s prominent commanders. Hazrat Ali is a member of Jamiate Islami Party and is supported by CEO Abdullah Abdullah. Picture on right show Gul Karim and Khudai Raam in a meeting with Abdullah.

Khudai Raam with Hazrat Ali, Atta Mohammad Noor and Gul Karim
Khudai Raam (far left) with criminals Hazrat Ali (middle), Atta Mohammad Noor (second from right) and Gul Karim (far right).

Finally, in an event organized by the Women’s Affairs office in Nangarhar on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Marwa bravely decided to narrate her sorrowful tale in front of reporters. Hanif Gardiwal, a Gulbuddini and deputy of Nangarhar’s governor, who was present in the event, got extremely angry and shamelessly threw Marwa out of the function, and ordered the reporters to delete her video. This shameless traitor said that “his pants will be pulled down” (he will be disgraced) if this becomes news, not realizing that his “pants have been off” for years now. Throughout these happenings, women from NGOs and the so-called Civil Society maintained their cowardly silence, as always, for they did not want to become embroiled with the “leaders of Jehad”, and also because they have not yet banked on a “In Defense of Marwa” project!

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of the Afghanistan (RAWA) is declaring once more, that in a government created by John Kerry which has placed criminals and traitors like Abdullah, Atmar, Mohaqiq, Zakhilwal, Dostum, Atta, Dilbar Nazari, Zia Massoud, Sayyaf, Fawzia Koofi, and hundreds of other misogynist traitors; securing women’s rights and other democratic values is simply deceiving oneself and the people. Afghan women cannot avenge the fates of Farkhundas, Tabbasums, Rukhshanas, Marwas, Saimas, Bashiras, and hundreds of bereaved women of this land, by appealing to deceitful human rights commissions and judicial offices which are under the control of Jehadi killers. This is only possible with unity and resolute struggle against the Jehadi, Taliban, ISIS, and US occupier criminals.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of the Afghanistan (RAWA)
December 19, 2016

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