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The decaying, dying Gulbuddin to become the US’s hound once more

The US has finally decided to add its notorious creation, Gulbuddin, to the circle of national traitors in the Kabul government and complete this circle of arch-criminals in the Jehadi-mafia government of Ghani and Abdullah

The US has finally decided to add its notorious creation, Gulbuddin, to the circle of national traitors in the Kabul government and complete this circle of arch-criminals in the Jehadi-mafia government of Ghani and Abdullah. This infamous criminal is the killer of thousands of our compatriots and hundreds of freedom-seeking intellectuals and revolutionaries, and had a big share in the arms and financial aid poured by the US during the resistance against the Soviet invasion.

We have repeatedly stated that the tears and blood of the people of Afghanistan has no importance for the US. The fundamentalism-fostering US has left the fate of our people in the hands of criminal dealers like Sayyaf, Mohaqiq, Qanooni, Fahim, Khalili, Dostum, Ismail, Mullah Tarakhel, Abdullah, Rabbani and the Taliban savages, for the past 15 years in order to carry out its ominous and colonialist policies. Although the corrupt puppet governments of Karzai and Ghani have had well-known Gulbuddini killers – Farooq Wardak, Karim Khurram, Hadi Arghandiwal, Omar Daudzai, Mohammad Khan, Juma Khan Hamdard, Wahidullah Sabaoon, Halim Fidayee – but now the butcher of Kabul will enter this mourning city, bloodied with thousands of victims of his gang. He will come back to power with privileges including immunity from prosecution, inclusion of more of his hounds in power, the power to give advice on many important issues, and the removal of his name from the UN blacklist.

The bloodthirsty criminal, Gulbuddin, staging a comeback to power
The bloodthirsty criminal, Gulbuddin, staging a comeback to power.

“Peace”, “reconciliation”, and “political solution” are terms that the US and its stooges, Karzai, Ghani, and Abdullah, have been using to insult the intelligence of the people of Afghanistan. On the one hand, the US bombed and devastated thousands of families under the guise of “war on terror”, who are already dying a slow death from homelessness, hunger, and lack of healthcare, but on the other hand it partnered with and granted power to Gulbuddini and Taliban murderers instead of punishing them for their crimes.

The stooge party of Gulbuddin has committed horrifying crimes against the people of Afghanistan in the past forty years. The rocket attacks of Kabul still send chills down the spine of the people of Kabul; in the dog-eat-dog battles between Gulbuddin and his criminal rivals Shoraye Nizar, Jamiate Islami, Sayyaf, Dostum’s “rug thieves”, and Wahdate Islami, Gulbuddin did not spare anyone, young or old, man or woman, in looting them and violating their honor; everything in the Darul Aman Palace and Kabul Museum were looted by these ISI lackeys; in the recent years, Gulbuddin claimed responsibility for several suicide attacks whose victims were our innocent compatriots; about a year back, Gulbuddin asked his murderous mercenaries to join ISIS in waging Jehad in Afghanistan; several Gulbuddinis are named in the blacklist of the UN, and more. Despite all this, the US embassy “welcomes” its precious agent in joining the peace process and praises the High Peace Council (a council composed of sordid elements whose corruption and visits to several embassies recently came to light) in this regard.

In addition to patting Gulbuddin in the back, Zalmai Khalilzad shamelessly invited him to “apologize” to the people for the “misdeed of the destruction of Kabul”. This American serpent believes that an ISIS and Al Qaeda criminal from Afghanistan (or any other country for that matter) is only “bad” and should be destroyed if he puts US interests in danger or is not obedient to its master. Other than that, no matter how murderous or treacherous that criminal, the US can still “work” with him. Now the time has come that the acid-throwing Gulbuddin is officially imposed upon our people, like when top Taliban killers Qayoom Zakir, Mullah Noorullah Noori, Mullah Abdul Haq Waseeq, Maulawi Mohammad Nabi Omari, Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwah, Mullah Mohammad Fazil Akhund, and Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, were released from Guantanamo Bay to join the Taliban leadership. The US has now put a muzzle on its rabid dog so that it never bites its owner, but is free to commit any crime against the people. But the imperialist Khalilzad is forgetting that his bloodthirsty darling and his criminal government did not break dishes so they could be forgiven with an “apology”. Gulbuddin’s “apology” will be shoved down his throat with more dirt by our people, just like Dostum’s “apology”, with the exception of Ghani and a handful of sell-out intellectuals, was met with outrage and abhorrence.

On the basis of documents from the Human Rights Watch, the Afghan Justice Project, Amnesty International, Payame Zan, and countless other national and international publications, Gulbuddin has committed heinous crimes along with his brothers (some dead now) Sayyaf, Dostum, Rabbani, Abdul Ali Mazari, Ahmad Shah Massoud, Hussein Anwari, Bismillah, Khalili, Mohsini, and others. These crimes are only comparable with those committed by Suharto, Franco, Khumeini, and their likes. Trumpeting the forgiveness of traitors of the Parchami, Khalqi, Jehadi, and Taliban kind, is one of the hundreds of cunning and dirty conspiracies by the US and its allies, and the Iranian regime, against independence and justice in our captive land. This is not surprising. The Western governments, the reactionaries of Pakistan, and the atrocious Vilayate Faqih of Iran, as the creators and nurses of religious fascism in Afghanistan (and other countries), do not see it in their interest in the current situation to kick these fundamentalists away. However, when these arch criminals expire, the CIA will flush them all out like it did with the Savaki, Shah of Iran, and Panama’s Noriega. This is the shameful ending of those spineless rulers who pride themselves on the blood of CIA coursing through their veins. If the infamous and loathed Gulbuddin does not die of natural causes, or in some Jehadi in-fighting, or killed by his own people, there is no doubt that he will not escape the blade of revenge of our people.

The star of peace, security, and prosperity will only shine in the grief-stricken skies of our homeland when our people raise the slogan of “We will never forget nor forgive you!” and burn down the domination of Jehadis, Taliban, intellectuals, the civil society, and NGOs, these creations of the arrogant occupier US, once and for all.

Originally published on May 27, 2016

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