RAWA.org, February 5, 2016

Meena: Afghan women should break the arduous barriers that face us and attain their rights!

Monologue of the function commemorating Meena's 29th martyrdom anniversary

Meena 29th martyrdom anniversary

Dear guests and sisters,

29 years ago today, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) lost its great leader, Meena, a woman who had become the thorn of eye of the Russian occupiers, their internal lackeys, and fundamentalists, with her widespread and effective activities among the women of our country.

Martyred Meena deeply believed that Afghan women could not attain their rights and equality without a united and organized struggle on economic, social, and cultural fronts. This is why she created a strong and independent organization when she was just a young university student.

Meena 29th martyrdom anniversary function by RAWA monologue
Young RAWA member delivering the monologue.

The murderous Gulbuddinis wrongly thought that RAWA would be destroyed with the murder of Meena and her two colleagues. Her sworn enemies had thought that by strangling Meena they will kill the freedom-seeking struggle of women, but Meena was immortalized in the heroic revolutionary struggle of women when she left behind a political organization.

RAWA, inspired by the blood of its leader Meena, continued its struggle against the Russia puppet regime and criminal fundamentalists more resolutely than before. RAWA’s activities expanded and it was recognized across the world as the only organization that truly fought against fundamentalist traitors and their foreign backers.

Dear friends,

Today our people, and especially our ill-fated women, are living in the worst possible situation under the occupation of the US and its allies. If yesterday girls like Nahid jumped off buildings to save their honor from bloodthirsty Jehadis, and women like Zarmina were shot in football stadiums by the ignorant Taliban, today the situation of women has worsened. Farkhunda’s painful cries as she was crushed under kicks and punches by a group of ignorant thugs under the nose of the corrupt mafia government in Kabul, the agonizing screams of Rukhshana as she was stoned by murderers, and the cries of thousands of other such victims, still echo around our country. These incidents portray the increasing misfortunes of women with every passing day.

The US and NATO devastated our country under excuses of ‘women’s rights’, ‘democracy’, and ‘war on terror’. In reality, they installed the most misogynist elements, the Jehadis and traitorous technocrats, that turned Afghanistan to hell for Afghan women.

As our martyred Meena always said our cries should never be silenced under any circumstances, and if the banner of independence, freedom, democracy, and social justice falls, we Afghan women should break the arduous barriers that face us and attain our rights.

Today, let us take an oath once again, that we will not stop in this path of attaining Meena’s revolutionary aspirations, and her life and teachings will continue to inspire us in our struggle.

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