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Let us not allow the contamination of educational institutions with treacherous renaming

Our patriotic youth, defenders of our unfortunate people, should know that this movement, however small, is a preparation for tomorrow’s tougher and greater struggle against quislings and national traitors

In the series of praising and esteeming the slaughterers of our nation, the corrupt, pro-warlord and pro-national-traitors government, has yet again named an educational institution and a road in the capital, after Burhanuddin Rabbani, one of the destroyers of Afghanistan. Fortunately, this time, our conscious and weary youngsters stood up against this shameful act by Karzai. Their widespread protests for the past three weeks has put the treacherous government, the rogues in the parliament and the whole oppressive apparatus, in a helpless position.

If in the past, our people had strongly protested and risen against the tyrannical government composed of traitors, when they named places in Kabul and other provinces after nasty killers like Mazari, Massoud, Tora Baz Khan, Atta Mohammad, Abdul Haq, Abdul Saboor Farid and others, no traitor would have dared to insult our nation by acknowledging its killers.

Anti-Rabbani protest in front of Afghan parliament
Sep. 29, 2012: Protest in front of the parliament by hundreds of students against the renaming of the Kabul Education and Training University to defamed warlord, Burhanuddin Rabbani's name. The placard reads: Don't insult the 70,000 martyrs of Kabul by praising murderers!
A view of an area of Kabul
A view of Kabul shows the horrendous crimes of the fundamentalists. Almost 90% of Kabul was destroyed in the dog-fights between fundamentalist factions ( http://www.rawa.org/temp/runews/rawagallery.php?mghash=dc96d38caecd6694eb17fc894bb73212&mggal=4 ).
More photos ( http://www.rawa.org/gallery.html )

Fortunately, most of the young people in Kabul’s Education University jointly declare that they find it shameful to study in a place which has been named after a brutal criminal, and that they will never allow this government of slaughterers to achieve its treacherous aim, and will stand by their decision steadfastly. Security forces, which are mainly commanded by Jamiati and Shoray Nizari killers, attacked the youths who were standing up for a humane cause peacefully. They injured a number and arrested others. This fascist act further prompted the youngsters’ anger and resentment.

Our patriotic youth, defenders of our unfortunate people, should know that this movement, however small, is a preparation for tomorrow’s tougher and greater struggle against quislings and national traitors. They should not get intimidated and continue to resist until the end. They should learn from the noble and struggler youth of Iran and other countries who stand against the most despotic regimes, accepting torture, fetters and prison, and even sacrifice their pure blood for their cause. Our youth should not go too far and take Iran as an example. The Vilayat-e Faqih (Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists) regime, with its gallows and prisons, has been humbled and left helpless by the protests of its youth. They should see Majid Tawakali as a role model, this hero of the student movement of Iran whose passionate, fearless speech in the university, shook the murderous Akhundi regime. Now it has been three years that he has turned the slaughterhouse of the regime to a field of struggle and resistance. Or we should look at Yousof Rashidi, who raised a placard reading “Fascist president, you have no place in Polytechnics (university)”, during the murderer Ahmedinajad’s speech there, and seriously defaming him. It has been several years now that he is in the cellar of the Ahmedinajad – Khamenei medieval regime and has not surrendered. Conscious and freedom-seeking students such as Neda Agha Sultan, Mohammad Mokhtari and Saney Zhala, sacrificed their lives during the uprisings of the students.

Educational institutes of Afghanistan have always been a source of progressive and patriotic thoughts. The glorious movement of constitutionalists in Afghanistan, which conquers a magnificent page in our country’s history, is an example of such movements. Our conscious and patriotic youth should not rest in the face of all these treacheries, plunders, and bullying by the stooge rulers, and end their despicable games with our youth and educational institutions. We should clear our educational centers of reactionary fundamentalism. This is only possible if our youth have the necessary awareness to not fall in the treacherous, enslaving trap of the puppet government, and murderous and dark-minded gangs of the fundamentalists, who fuel up ethnic, lingual, tribal, religious, and other conflicts between our nation, as it benefits them.

Karzai’s corrupt and warlord-ridden government names a university in the memory of a treacherous criminal, but in Pakistan, although its cruel regime is the tutor and guardian of our reactionary indigenous traitors, a university is named after the decent Malalai Yousofzai. With this comparison, we can understand that Karzai’s Jehadi-Mafia government is much more fundamentalist-blighted and filthier than Pakistan and other countries’ governments.

National traitors who rule our nation from under the wing of their US and NATO masters, can erect a monument in the name of the heroes of destruction and ignorance wherever they wish and insult our nation, but the day is not far when they will be disposed-off in the bin of history along with their fake heros. Then, such salutations will be forgotten, just like those of the traitorous Khalqi and Parchami era have been.

If our people, especially the youth, fulfill their patriotic role bravely, and press for their rightful demands like the students of the Education University have done, the police and army of our stooge government will not have the guts to resist them, and will be ultimately forced to retreat.

Dear youngsters, continue your rightful protests. Most of our pained people from all ethnicities of the country, who have felt the hot rod of these butchers’ crimes, defiantly stand by you.

Salute to the conscious, anti-reactionary youth of the Education University!

Revolutionary Association of the women of Afghanistan
October 22, 2012

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