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Fredericton Peace Coalition’s RAWA Benefit Variety Show 2010

4th Annual RAWA Benefit Show

NB RebELLEs gumbooting troupe.

On Saturday, March 20, people in Fredericton Peace Coalition gathered together to support the rights, education, health and empowerment of women in Afghanistan. Fredericton’s 4th Annual Benefit Variety Show for the Revolutionary Association of Women in Afghanistan (RAWA) occurred at 7:00pm at the Student Union Building Ballroom at UNB Fredericton.

Donations to RAWA can be made to the Fredericton Peace Coalition (contact: before April 15.

Last year, Fredericton raised $5,000 for RAWA. Members of the Fredericton Peace Coalition met Afghanistan's female MP and author, Malalai Joya, in Halifax last November. She went to a RAWA school and recalls the impact that RAWA's martyred founder, Meena, had on her life. Meena was assassinated at the age of 30 for her advocacy against Afghanistan’s fundamentalist forces

The show was sponsored by the Fredericton Peace Coalition, NB RebELLEs, University Women’s Centre, CUSO-VSO and the NB Public Interest Research Group, Canada.


Debut of General Strike.

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