RAWA Statement, May 13, 2009

The warlord-mafia regime of Karzai would not be uncontaminated with criminal Fahim flushed down the toilet!

... you ignore Karim Khalili, Ahmad Zia Massoud, Rabbani, Qanooni, Abdullah, Sayyaf, Dostum, Mohaqiq, and other treacherous bands and storm against one of their parallels.

When Karzai announced Fahim as his vice-president for the upcoming election, on May 5, 2009 AFP quoted Western diplomats in Kabul:

International diplomats in Kabul alleged Fahim was currently involved in criminal activities, including kidnapping for ransom, as well as human rights abuses during Afghanistan's decades of war. A western diplomat speaking anonymously said that choosing Fahim will damage Karzai’s credibility at the national and international level. The top UN envoy in Afghanistan, Kai Eide, had told Karzai several times not to pick Fahim as his running mate. When Karzai announced his candidacy, Eide said reporters that he is "saddened" and "disturbed" by Karzai's choice and believed the international reaction to it will be very strong. Eide’s concern was shared by the circle of diplomats in Kabul. UN hoped that the warlords would quit the scene to allow young and modern forces to take over, the source said.

Karzai with his vice-presidents, Qasim Fahim (L) and Karim Khalili (R), both criminal warlords.

According to numerous sources reported on May 4, 2009:International diplomats alleged that Fahim and his men were part of powerful criminal gangs behind recent kidnappings of foreign nationals in Kabul, bank robberies, weapons trafficking and narcotics activities. Fahim had given the order for the murder of Abdul Rahman, the Aviation Minister and is involved in the killings of hundreds of his opponents in the Kabul Airport in the early 90s. These claims have not been proven.

And reported by Reuters: Human Rights Watch’s Asia director Brad Adams said in a statement after Karzai’s announcement, ‘Fahim is one of the most notorious warlords in the country, with the blood of many Afghans on his hands from the civil war,’

Has the world really ended and has a doomsday arrived that a puppet like Karzai has chosen a world-known corrupt and notorious criminal as his vice-president? Has this wild animal from another planet suddenly landed on earth that all the Western diplomats especially Mr. Kai Eide doesn’t know him before? Are their recent comments on him honest and logical?

Unfortunately, no. All the diplomats, human rights organizations, United Nations, US and its allies are amply acquainted with the criminal Fahim. They are actually the creators of Jamiat-e-Islami and its leaders like Ahmad Shah Massoud, Burhanuddin Rabbani, Dr. Abdullah, Younis Qanooni and Fahim himself. They are the ones who have titled Massoud as the ‘national hero’ and Fahim and others as ‘followers of the great Ahmad Shah Massoud’! It was in UN-directed talks in Boon in December 2001 when he was appointed as Vice President and Defense Minister! Now this is the peak of their hypocrisy that after years of silence, they are suddenly attacking his atrocities and co-criminals; their hypocrisy set new heights that amongst all these bands and crime kingpins they have targeted him to be flushed down the drain to wash the blood from his brothers-in-creeds’ faces.

Even our children would ask the US, United Nations and Mr. Kai Eide:

In the occupied body of Afghanistan, was there only one dangerous, evil cancer called Fahim that by removing him; the annihilation of Taliban and drugs and coping with other calamities would run effectively and the sun of democracy, elections, reconstruction and emancipation would shine over Afghanistan? Was it not you who made the ‘looter, kidnapper, criminal’ Fahim the ‘defense minister’? Was it not you that through your agent, Karzai, named gave him the title of ‘Marshal’? If you deny and call it a sole decision of Karzai, then why didn’t you condemn your puppet’s treacherous and mocking decision, even with those pretending ‘diplomatic’ criticisms? When he has killed Dr. Abdul Rahman according to you, then why did you allow him retain his post? When university student called Jaihoon murdered another student in front of everyone in Kabul University and Fahim brought him under his protection, why didn’t you raise your voice? When you confess that this traitor has his own armed gang, why didn’t you tell him till now that Afghanistan is in your grip and he as a second degree lackey should know his limits?

The more odious part of your hypocrisy with the people of the world and Afghanistan is that from one side you are superficially divorcing ‘Marshal’ while from the other side you are supporting the nomination of his twin criminal, the bloody and treacherous Dr. Abdullah for presidency and hardly move your lips about his heinous crimes. Why did you allow another of his infamous identical like Qanooni to become the speaker of the parliament? Why did you let other famous criminals and drug kingpins and closest gangsters of Fahim like Ata Muhammad, General Daud, Zahir Aghbar, Haji Almas, Engineer Arif and tens of other drug-lords like them to engulf all high posts?

Why are you, Mr. Kai Eide not ‘saddened’ and ‘disturbed’ by the presence of 95% terrorists and smugglers in the parliament who are all the lackeys of Fahim, Sayyaf, Qanooni, Abdullah, Rabbani and Mohaqiq and not advised Karzai that his ministers would not gain ‘vote of confidence’ but a disgraceful scar from the parliament. A parliament where Sayyaf, Mohaqiq, Rabbani, Khalid Farooqi and their brutal men attack Malalai Joya but never allow Perim Qul, Gulabzoi, Haji Almas, Haji Paenda Mohammad, General Uloomi, Mullah Rokiti and other filthy traitors like them to go through a simple investigation of their crimes; never do they allow even a word to be uttered about the shameful drug-trafficking of Zia Massoud, Qanooni, Izzatullah Wasifi, brothers of Hamid Karzai and other drug-lords and the business mafias of Afghanistan in Dubai, Europe and US that even the Western sources confirm it.

Mr. Kai Eide, maybe our people would consider you a friend if you would have declared to United Nations: “I am not willing to serve a government whose head, with unparallel shamelessness has appointed traitors like Ismail, Anwar Jagdalak, Sarwar Danish, Khudaidad, Sabaoon, Farooq Wardak, Ismael Khan, Jabbar Sabit, Abdul Salam Azimi, Dr. Amin Fatimi, Amir Sangeen, Hanif Atmar, Karim Khuram and other terrorist Jehadi mafias and Khalqis and Parchamis on high positions; I am not eager to work with a government whose ministers, governors, ambassadors and generals are directly or indirectly connected to murderous bands, busy sucking blood and committing treachery against miserable and pained people of Afghanistan and each cell and fiber of their bodies stink with embezzlement and debauchery; I consider working with a government who publicly defend the rapists and enforcing of anti-women laws, as treason to the most grieved people on earth.”

We wish you could make Karzai understand that deriding people has a limit and they should never call replacing one corrupt and traitor minister, governor or police commander with another dirty criminal as ‘reforms’; wish you could tell him to end appointing looters, traitors and inefficient men as mayors; and not declare his wealth as only $10,000 because even the cats and dogs of his country would laugh at him that the millions of dollars spent on his elections campaign came from him selling hotdogs?

It is a pity that you would never know that appointing Amanullah Guzar, a famous ruffian of Dr. Abdullah and Qanooni as the chief police of Kabul was equally insulting and torturous for our people as Fahim chosen as vice president. But Hamid Karzai, mindlessly and unsparingly committed treasons and is continuing to do so and is sure that none of his deceitful decisions contradict the interests and plans of the White House for the bleeding and occupied Afghanistan.

Wish you could be ‘saddened’ when the parliament passed the disgraceful bill of National Reconciliation and forgave all the Jehadi, Gulbuddin’s, Talib, Parchami and Khalqi criminals. This is the mother of all the treacheries of the mafia parliament, the treachery which the US and UN considered it as fruit of the flower of ‘democracy’ and clapped for it. This was the reason that RAWA called the hues and cries of West against Asif Mohseni and other criminal Jehadis’ ‘Shiite rape law’ as demagogy uproars to deceit the people of the world. As long as the rule of the Islamic fascists continues in Afghanistan, the passing or not passing of such laws does not make any difference because practically, the women bear the most inhumane and savage oppressions and whenever these misogynists want, can pass many more such inhuman laws.

Now you, Mr. Eide and other very respectable and educated diplomats are sticking to the branches and leaves rather than the thick tree of Jehadi mafias just like so-called MPs such as Sabrina Saqeb, Ahmad Behzad and other Jehadi authorities who shamelessly call Fahim’s nomination as a ‘blow to democracy’ (as if democracy is established with the rule of Sayyaf, Qanooni, Mohaqiq, Rabbani, Khalid Farooqi and other criminals in Parliament!). With the replacing of one devil from the tens of other devils of ‘National Front’ you also express your ‘concern’ over the fate of democracy. Just as we said, you ignore Karim Khalili, Ahmad Zia Massoud, Rabbani, Qanooni, Abdullah, Sayyaf, Dostum, Mohaqiq, and other treacherous bands and storm against one of their parallels.

In the occupied body of Afghanistan, was there only one dangerous, evil cancer called Fahim that by removing him; the annihilation of Taliban and drugs and coping with other calamities would run effectively and the sun of democracy, elections, reconstruction and emancipation would shine over Afghanistan? Was it not you who made the ‘looter, kidnapper, criminal’ Fahim the ‘defense minister’? Was it not you that through your agent, Karzai, named gave him the title of ‘Marshal’?
RAWA, May 13, 2009

Fahim is just a part of this whole putrefied system. Let us suppose that out of demagogy and conspiracy, Karzai accept your call and keep aside Fahim; so then will the treason and corruption vapor off this nation in the presence of the mentioned traitors? Has not Karzai repeatedly proved that his political power swings in the circle of backing the US and the fundamentalist murderers? Therefore if the criminal Fahim is expelled from the scene or even executed like his brother Saddam Hussein, it would bring no speck of improvement in the horrendous condition of our unfortunate people because his like-minded brothers are still in the hold of power and have secret and open connection with Russia and the bloody regime of Iran so that in case they desert US like the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, they can use them.

RAWA called the previous election as the most anti-democratic and scandalous elections in the whole world. This time, the US with its allies are again playing the game in this occupied country where hunger has forced people to sell their children and the US administration is sure to run these ridiculous shows which will be more anti-democratic and corrupt than the past since the ‘government’ is gripped and occupied with the presence of Jehadi terrorists fully geared up with more money, more arms and more facilities to turn these elections for their own benefit.

If the election commission of Afghanistan was truly independent and not connected with the mafia government, how is it possible for Mirwais Yasseeni and Jabbar Sabit, both killers of Gulbuddin’s party; Latif Pedram a rapist of Jamiat-e-Islami; Habib Mangal one of the Parchami torturers of Khad (KGB-run Intelligence Agency of the Russian puppet regime); Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai a faithful spy of CIA and an enemy of our Hazara people; Hedayat Amin Arsala famous for being CIA’s ‘arm’ in Karzai’s regime; and tens of other candidates like them to be approved as candidates? Only approving assassins like Dr. Abdullah, Mirwais Yasseeni and Shahnawaz Tani is enough to seed a doubt concerning the neutrality of Independent Election Commission and the transparency of this election.

It is famous that Mussolini, in the threshold of elections in Italy, ordered all philosophers to gather and create a philosophy so that his party wins. But it seems like Hamid Karzai and his perfidious followers are so impudent that they ignore their godfather tactic and don’t even stick to superficiality or creating philosophies. This is why they appoint Fahim and Khalili vice presidents with a hateful shamelessness and call other enemies of people to enter the ‘campaign’ to show that ‘elections’ is purely ‘democratic’ but who doesn’t know that the president is already chosen in the Washington.

There is no need for complaining. Everyone with a healthy brain would never expect free, transparent and democratic elections in an occupied country polluted by foreign troops and fundamentalist vultures. The possibilities of fraud is now such a common disgrace that even Sima Samar of Wahdat Party and her ‘independent’ human rights commission openly talk about it!

Considering what RAWA has stated in the past and now, we want the US and you, Mr. Kai Eide to simply leave us in our own state because the US and it allies and thus UN consider supporting the Jehadi criminals as their sacred duty and continue pumping more agents of CIA, young and old, to remain dominant in Afghanistan. US want a reason to ensure their long presence and have no plans of uprooting its own creations, that is, Al-Qaeda and Taliban. The former, while spitting on the true meaning of democracy, is undertaking the disgusting projection of a government containing all the bands of Islamic fundamentalists, including Hezb-e-Islami for whose acid-attacker leader Gulbuddin, they had placed a prize and the Quislings of Khalq and Parcham, which is the most unforgivable treachery of Obama against our country. Since 2001, US and NATO have turned Afghanistan into their testing ground for weapons and their killings of our innocent and defenseless people tally ten times than that of the barbaric Taliban and later deny it with tormenting indifference or justify them. For Obama and his administration, governments, parties and people are only worthy if they abide by his orders and interests and is of the least importance if they are anti-democratic, corrupt, criminal and anti-people. Therefore it is not astounding when US honorably freed the murderer like Ghairat Baheer and today, they are engaging in friendly talks with Gulbuddin party terrorists like Humayun Jareer and Daood Abidi for reconciling with Gulbuddin and further negotiations with these more blood-thirsty Draculas than Fahim.

You might say that if US leaves, the Taliban terrorists may take power. We request you, please don’t pity on us. If US would have been an enemy of Taliban and their ideas they would drive out all Talib ideologues from US and their educational centers and place them right with Noriega. People of Afghanistan, just like other nations, want freedom, democracy, justice and welfare. Majority of our people connect the Taliban with the Middle Age and are not ready, at any cost, to accept their rule. Taliban are an inerasable and shameful scar on humanity and have caused tremendous ignominy to our people. It was US’s wish to replace the rascals of Northern Alliance with them through Pakistan.

Mr. Brad Adams, our people not only call choosing of Fahim as ‘insolence to Afghanistan’ but moreover creating a government full of National Front, Taliban and Gulbuddin mafias as a disastrous and unforgivable insolence. The esteem of ‘Human Rights Watch’ in our country depends on exposing and condemning this cruelest conspiracy of US against our wounded people.

Mr. Kai Eide, you should tell US and the western diplomats to lay their hands off this most evil and painful contempt against our people.

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