Taliban release a rapist commander
The Frontier Post,
September 21, 2000

Unlike their strict policies, Taliban authorities set free a notorious rapist few days back.

According to credible sources, Mullah Akhtar Muhammad, accused in countless cases of rape, was released by the authorities in Kabul.

Mullah Akhtar alias "Dettol" spent about three months in different interrogation cells and lock ups but due to his proximity to the Afghan ruling circles he managed to avoid the trail, said the sources.

He served at key positions in Taliban administration in the past and prior to his arrest he worked as a Director in Afghan Ministry of Health. Exploiting his official position in Ministry of Health, he used all fair and unfair means to fulfil his desires, added the sources.

It is worth mentioning that soon after the capture of Kabul, Taliban restricted the women's public mobility and sent back thousands of female government employees to home but gradually they allowed some women doctors and nurses to work in health facilities.

According to a close relative of one of the victims, who confided to The Frontier Post on Tuesday evening, he used to sexually harass and abuse his female subordinates.

To force the female staff to bow down his demands, he used to terminate and suspend their services or blackmail them to do the needful. A directress of the women hospital in Kabul is reportedly among his victims, further added the sources.

The matter was brought into the notice of authorities concerned by the relatives of some victims and all its details are with the Taliban leadership reported the sources.

Sensing the seriousness of the complaints against him, Moulvi Muslim Haqqani, one of the influential official in Kabul administration, himself intervened in to the matter and arrested him, claimed the sources. After that he developed personal grudges and while behind the bars he reportedly threatened Haqqani of dire consequences.

It raised many an eye-brows in Afghanistan, where according to the existing laws those found guilty of rape stoned to death and until now more than 10 persons are reportedly got the said punishment.

Among the Kabulis, Akhtar's case has became a topic of the day and they frequently refer to it to expose the double-standardness of the present Kabul rulers' policies.

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