Taliban kill three protesting students
The Frontier Post, December 2,1998

PESHAWAR - The Taliban indiscriminate fire killed three Afghan in the eastern city of Jalalabad.

The Taliban commander Maulvi Ayub, a local chief of reserve force, opened fire on the agitating students of Jalalabad Medical Collage and killed three of them. One of them was identified as Naseem.

Daoud, a wounded student, was brought to Peshawar for treatment Tuesday afternoon.

The students were protesting the alleged embezzlement in hospital funds by Maulvi Yousaf, the principal of the Jalalabad Medical College. After receiving information about the student's protest, Maulvi Yousaf informed his brother Maulvi Ayub, who came to the students and tried to stop them from agitation. After failure to convince the infuriated students to end their protest.

Maulvi Ayub opened fire on the agitating students.

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