Afghan poetess begging in streets

July 200: Samanbo is a poetess who has been forced by savage Taliban tyranny to turn to begging to support herself. She usually carries a collection of her poetry with her when she goes out to beg to make a living. - RAWA photo from Herat province
RAWA Photo

July 2000 - Aunt Saman Boo, a 90-year-old woman born in Badghis Provence, is a well-known folk poetess. She has a daughter and a son, and many grandchildren, all who struggle with the extreme difficulties of living under the Taliban regime. In Saman's poems, she condemned the Russian aggressions, the puppet regimes and even defined the Jehadi and Taliban leaders as ignorant people. Her first work of poetry was published in the Zahir Shah era. As a beggar in Herat, the very old woman carries her published book of poetry with her while roaming the streets in search of a few Afghanis or a piece of food. This is an eternal shame on the Taliban.

A sample of poetry by Saman Boo:

Donít know what to do, I am suppressed today
I am crying for my this situation
I have no money, nor duty or any salary
The distress of loneliness threatening me today
If we do nothing for our country
There would no comforts and amenity


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