Photos of RAWA Activities

Watan boys school
RAWA has been playing a remarkable role in educating patriotic and freedom-loving girls and boys. Hundreds of girls and boys are being taught under RAWA educational projects.

A medical team of Malalai Hospital of RAWA
Malalai Hospital run by doctors and medical personnel of RAWA in Quetta, Pakistan was in the service of female refugees, their children and wounded. Financial constraints, however, brought this hospital to the point of closure.

Watan girls school
"Watan" girls school

Meeting with Leila Khalid
Members of RAWA in a meeting with Leila Khalid a great women of Palestine

Women at RAWA workplace

Afghan women in RAWA's workplace.
Afghan women in RAWA's workplaces.
For RAWA promotion of handicrafts is an economical source and a context to spread literacy among the women and organizing them.

Afghan women in a RAWA carpet-weaving workplace.
Afghan women in a RAWA carpet-weaving workplace in a refugee camp in Pakistan

Women working in a chicken farm of RAWA.
RAWA runs income-generation projects to empower Afghan women and especially widows.

RAWA demonstration
A RAWA member during a peaceful anti-Russian demonistration in Rawalpindi (Dec.27, 1989).

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