Najib and his brother executed by Taliban in Kabul

Inhuman execution of a murderer puppet

Najib was an agent of KGB and headed the notorious KHAD agency before assuming the post of the President. During his tenure as the KHAD chief, he was responsible for torturing and killing thousands of people. He targeted intellectuals in particular. According to his brother Saddiq Rahiís book, titled "Do you know Najib?", he was morally a very lewd and characterless person. All Afghans wanted Najib to be brought for a trial in the court of the people and punished according to the decree of people. But during the assault of the Taliban on Kabul they killed him and his brother on September 27, 1996 in a very brutal and disgusting way. People question the validity of this cruel act, not because Najib was any better than Taliban, but because of the manner in which he was killed.

It is very clear that the Taliban killed him to achieve some of their own political ends just as in the past their other fundamentalist brothers, including Massoud, used to protect Najib for their own vested interests. Like Najib, these Talib and non-Talib fundamentalists are also the main destroyers of our country. All of them kill our people and rape women. They are all chips of the same block - religious-fascists, mediaeval-minded, rapists and murderers. Could it be guaranteed that if, and when, Taliban consolidate their position they wonít kill every body else they donít like, as they treated Najib?