Taliban hire services of former communists
News Network International, January 28, 1999
TEHRAN (NNI): Taliban have appointed a number of former communists on key posts in Nangarhar province, reports Radio Tehran.

Quoting Afghan sources, the radio said that they include Dr. Gul Muhammad as head of military court, Muhammad Zafar in-charge of Communication Torkham and Wahidnoor as head of Naway Development Organisation in the province.

All the three persons had reportedly served on key posts during communist regimes in Afghanistan. Dr. Gul Muhammad was very close to the former slain Afghan President Dr. Najibullah and had served on key positions in the army. Likewise, Muhammad Zafar had also served in the communication ministry during the communist regime.

Wahidnoor, according to the radio, used to accompany the Russians forces to help them in identifying and spotting the bunkers and trenches of the Afghan Mujahideen during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

The Afghan opposition has also repeatedly accused the student militia of accommodating former communists in their ranks. High ranking officials like General Rafi are also said to be cooperating with the Taliban, the radio said.

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