Pak Tribune, February 3, 2003

RAWA fears regrouping of Taliban, Al-Qaeda

ISLAMABAD: Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan Sunday said that Taliban and Al-Qaeda were regrouping in Afghanistan and tribal areas of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan.

"Taliban have got support in Peshawar and tribal areas of Pakistan and they are regrouping in the border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan," RAWA spokesperson in Islamabad Kawish told Online.

She stressed that United Nations must disarm the warlords to bring the much-awaited peace to Afghanistan adding there is no difference in the situation present before formation of interim government in Afghanistan.

The spokesperson alleged, the fundamentalists are in power in Afghanistan and they have no respect for innocent Afghans including women and children.

"The Afghan women and children are suffering now at the hands of the warlords and Northern Alliance leaders," she said and added Field Marshal Fahim, General Abdur Rashid Dostam, Commander Mohammed Ismail Khan and other warlords have effected the peace efforts in Afghanistan.

Criticizing Northern Alliance leaders, she said that they were using powers for their own interests and were sabotaging peace efforts in Afghanistan.

To a query, about the effects of the recent clashes on the repatriation process, she said the deteriorating condition in Afghanistan would halt the return process. Millions of Afghans have returned to their homeland but many of them returned due to the shaky conditions in the country.

However, commenting on the recent incidents in Afghanistan, an Afghan diplomat talking to this agency said, "it required a lot of time to bring harmony and complete peace to the war weary country hoping situations would improve soon.


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