Talibans drive against 'social evils' in Pakistan

NNI, May 5, 2000

ISLAMABAD (NNI): The local Taliban in Miranshah area of North Waziristan Agency (Pakistan) burnt a few days back cassettes containing music, tape records and televisions in an attempt to root out social evils.

These Taliban enjoy the support of Usmanzai tribes also, but they claim having no link with the Afghan Taliban, reports the BBC.

Shops of televisions, cassettes, VCRs have been closed in Miran Shah and all such commodities were set on fire.

According to Maulvi Ishaque, a local leader, these Taliban have nothing to do with those in Afghanistan. He said that they themselves have started a drive to get rid of these social evils.

He further said the campaign was launched after consultations with the local Maliks of Mir Ali. Maulvi Ishaque said that the campaign was launched because social evils like, mini cinemas, music, liquor and narcotics had become common in the area.

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