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Habiba is an Afghan orphan now living in Sitara Orphanage, one of 5 orphanages set up by RAWA in Peshawar, Pakistan. RAWA takes care of over 35 orphans in this orphanage.

Habiba is only 3 years old, her mother died when she was one year old so her uncle’s wife took care of her. Habiba’s father is disabled and can’t do any job. Her uncle’s wife didn’t pay much attention to her so she remained very weak. Her father brought her to the RAWA orphanage 3 months ago. Habiba is not alone, her sister and brother are also living with her in the orphanage. Her sister is 5 and her brother is 7.

As Habiba is the smallest orphan in the orphanage, a RAWA member takes care of her all the time.

Habiba and her sister and brother are very happy being in the orphanage. In the past 3 months she has improved very much.

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