Story of a mother who never sees her only son

By RAWA reporter from Kabul,
September 2000

The Taliban were searching for prey in every corner. That day (August 13, 2000) hunting was in the fruit market in Kabul. Scared people were shivering and many were asking what it was that brought the Taliban to this place.

The Taliban had come to pick up the people belonging to Shamali Valley. Some Taliban forces beat a man with cable and threw him in a car while others swore and beat the crowd. The scene appalled a man named Sami when he felt a sudden burning on his back and got thrown into a car. The car then disappeared a few minutes later.

At home his mom, dad and wife were counting the minutes to his arrival. Day turned to night and there was no news of Sami. One dared to ask why he had not returned. Finally the mother broke down in tears. Father signaled her to hide the tears from their daughter-in-law but she also lost her patience and started crying. A seemingly never-ending night became dawn and the father left in search of an answer.

At the market he learned that his son and others were taken to an unknown place. After 12 days of searching he discovered that his son was at Pol-e-Charkhi prison. Already distraught, the saddened father was asked for a bribe by criminals. He decided to borrow the money from a friend in Pakistan and left for there while the mother and aunt went to prison with food and money hoping to see the son. The savages denied them any visitation. Sami's mother cried and begged to be allowed to see her son. The mother reached for window bars in hope to get a glimpse of him when she lost control and fell on her back. She was unconscious when her son reached the window and looked outside. He saw his aunt and pleaded with her saying, my mother has weakened please take her to a doctor.

Alas, she was dead and never got to see her son again. One visitor screamed and suggested they take the body to the jailers so that maybe they will let the son go. But the Taliban and mercy?

The father returned with money to find himself surrounded by crying neighbors and friends. They buried the other. After paying the ransom Sami was released. He rushed to his home to see what had become of his mother. Upon arrival he questioned his father and wife. His father said she is at your aunt's home get rest till she returns. He does not accept and suggests that they leave for her. They leave the house following his father who has taken the path to cemetery. Sami says my aunt's house is in the other direction. Father says this is a better way. He stops above a grave and says dear Sami that is your mother who lost her life trying to see you.

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