Police register case of sexual abuse against a Taliban commander

September 20, 2000

ISLAMABAD (NNI): A Taliban Commander Tuesday accused Pakistani police of abducting and snatching one hundred thousand Pakistani rupees from him in Islamabad.

Commander Sirajuddin, who was to fly to Germany for treatment, claimed that five people kidnapped him with the help of two Pakistani policemen from a posh locality the Pakistani capital where he was staying in a Taliban guest house.

The police, however, have a different story. They say Mullah Sirajuddin tried to sexually abuse a 10-year-boy in sector F-10 of Islamabad but the people foiled the attempt after the child raised hue and cry.

According to a police statement issued on Tuesday, one Wasim Malik reported to the police that an Afghan commander had tried to molest his ten-year old son Maaz Malik. The police registered a case against the Taliban commander of sexually assaulting the boy under Islamic law of the land.

"This is a totally baseless story, masterminded by the police to cover their crime," Sirajuddin told NNI. He said the two policemen had seen his money in a bag he was carrying as he went to a mosque to say the evening prayer.

The commander said he also had US$15,000 for treatment but he kept the dollars at the Taliban guesthouse before going for prayers and only took the Pakistani rupees. "The police have concocted a false story to conceal their crime," Sirajuddin alleged.

The Taliban commander complained the Afghan Embassy had refused to get his passport released from Islamabad’s Golra police station. He also demanded return of Rs. 100,000 he says the police took.

Afghan embassy had Monday asked the government of Pakistan to investigate into the ‘kidnapping’ of a Taliban official, who was abducted by unknown people last night and was released in a posh locality in Islamabad.

Sirajuddin, a Taliban commander from Kandahar in Afghanistan, who came to Islamabad to proceed abroad for treatment of his left hand, injured in fighting, was overpowered by the kidnappers and taken to unknown place, according to the Afghan embassy statement. The case was immediately reported to the Emergency Police, Islamabad and the relevant security authorities of Pakistan.

Taliban commander accused of trying to molest 10-year-old boy

September 18, 2000

Islamabad, September 18, IRNA -- A controvery developed between Taliban embassy in Islamabad and the local police on Monday when the two sides made conflicting claims about the abduction attempt on a militia commander. Taliban regretted that their commander, Mulla Sirajuddin was kidnapped 'but then released' by unidentified men, from near their guest house in Islamabad on Sunday evening. However, the press quoted Islamabad police as saying that a Pakistani national had lodged a report that the commander had tried to molest his 10-year old son. Senior Superintendent of Police, Nasir Khan Durrani said: "a complaint against an Afghan commander for trying to molest a teenaged boy has been lodged with the police." The police said the kidnapping incident was a story concocted by the "Afghan guest." Taliban embassy issued a press release, demanding for an investigation into the kidnapping. An embassy spokesman said the Pakistan Foreign Office has also been contacted and asked to help in arrest of the culprits.

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