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Scenes of a function organized by RAWA at Peshawar to celebrate International Women's Day
March 8,2000

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Asima Jahangir speaking with RAWA members
Asima Jahangir speaking with some RAWA members.

RAWA handicrafts on display
RAWA handicrafts on display for sale at the function.

Handicrafts of RAWA on display

Photo exhibition from the crimes committed by the fundamentalists in Afghanistan.
Photo exhibition from the crimes committed by the fundamentalists in Afghanistan. 

RAWA Publications
Table of RAWA publications

Mr. Asghar Khan with RAWA members
Mr Air Marshal (R) Asghar Khan, leader of Tahreek-e-Isteqlal Pakistan
speaking with RAWA activists

Afrasiab Khattak
A bereaved Afghan mother whose six sons are missing after they were abducted in Pakistan by terrorist party of Hekmatyar in 1986, discuses the matter with Mr Afrasib Khattak Chairperson of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

Meena's film
A film of martyred Meena interviewed by Radio-TV of Belgium in late 1981 was displayed to the participants.

Film of Afghanistan
A short documentary film reflecting the criminalities of the fundamentalists in Afghanistan was also presented.

Children presented flowers to Asima Jahanger


Photos of a theatric performance

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