RAWA event on International Women's Day
March 10, 2004 - Peshawar

Italian supporters of RAWA in the event

Over 1,000 people participated in the function which was held in Green Hall in Peshawar city. A group of 5 Italian (4 of them in the first row) and an Iranian supporter of RAWA came from Italy to attend the event.

Songs group of RAWA

A group of girls from RAWA schools presented patriotic songs in Pushto and Dari. A number of journalists took photos.

Baryalai Wali

Baryalai Wali (right), a well-known Afghan singer presented a folkloric patriotic song.

Francesca Poli and Mali

Francesca Poli (left) delivered speech on the behalf of the Italian delegate and Mali, our Iranian supporter, translated it into Farsi. She conveyed the message of RAWA supporters in Italy that they will continue to support RAWA's cause in any possible way.

Women in RAWA evnet

The hall was full and a large number of women from refugee camps in Peshawar and those active in RAWA centers participated in the event.

Patriotic Song presented in the function

Patriotic songs of RAWA students were warmly received by participants.
The large poster in the background was designed by an American artist supporter of RAWA. Portraits of Malalai Joya (right) and Anar Kali (left) are seen on both sides.

Scenes of a theatric piece presented in the function:

A theater piece was presented in the end of the event which showed Afghanistan's history since 1979 in an artistic way and disclosed how US, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan nurtured and supported fundamentalist groups of every brand in Afghanistan. The play also portrayed some of the crimes committed by warlords in Afghanistan and the resistance of Afghan women.

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