The News International, December 11, 2001

UN official reveals rising common crimes, loot in Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD: The United Nations senior official Monday said that "common crimes, loot and highway robberies were on the rise from the Eastern parts of Afghanistan to be northwestern of the country".

Speaking to newsmen soon after arriving from Kabul, World Food Program spokesman Khaled Mansour characterized the overall security situation in Afghanistan as "complicated with reports of criminal activities". At the same time, the WFP has sent in the first food convoy in Kunduz since September.

Khaled said: "Along with other NGO partners, the WFP managed to send 437 tones of food to Kunduz province which would be enough to feed more than 8,500 families or 51,000 people." He however, said that snow and winter conditions were causing logistical hurdles in the northeast region of Afghanistan.

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