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Taliban are shameless liars
RAWA statement, July 19,1999

Some time ago the Taliban vociferously announced that Osama bin Laden had left Afghanistan for an undisclosed destination and solemnly stated that they had lost contact with him and that they had no further news about his whereabouts.

We have asserted time and again that –like other fundamentalist bands-- the Taliban are too void of any sense of honour and decency to balk at the trampling of their version of Islam and Sharia law in their pursuance of political gains; they stoop to the infamy of the most blatant of lies without batting an eyelid. The world is witnessing a change of tune these days: it seems that the former CIA-agent-turned-arch-anti-American is, after all, still in Afghanistan. What is going on now is a bargaining game with the Americans over the extradition of their "guest".

When dealing with liars as shameless as the Taliban, the world community can ill afford to take them at "their word" and extend them the slightest credence when the Taliban's political and economic interests are at stake. It would come as no surprise if these uncouth, illiterate misogynists were to announce tomorrow that the principles of democracy are being fully honoured in Afghanistan, that women have been granted all their rights and freedoms and that they are no longer being treated as animals!

It is worth noting that the international media have so far remained silent in regard to this glaring proof of blatant Taliban falsehood. Does this mean that highlighting the criminal Taliban rulers' perfidy is not even worth the effort?

RAWA felt no need to rush to expose the lies and perfidy of the Taliban and their fundamentalist brethren of the "Northern Alliance" adversary. We well knew that the Tashkent talks were nothing but a spurious theatrical of diplomatic hypocrisy. We knew that as has so frequently happened in the past, the world community will not have to wait long to hear of renewed sanguinary dog-fighting between these barbarians and will once more realise the unfathomable depth and extent of their savagery, perfidy, and their contempt for peace.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
July 19, 1999

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