UN accuses top Afghan ministers of land grab
Police violently evict Kabul residents
RAWA Photos from Shirpur
Buildings of Afghan Ministers and Authorities in Kabul

Crime and barbarism in Shirpur by Afghan ministers and high authorities

By RAWA reporter from Kabul
, September 16, 2003

Old houses in the Shirpur area were previously been used by the military units. But in recent years it became as obsolete military district and only in some of the located buildings military barricades were established.

“Marshal Fahim”, the defense minister, ordered the clearing up of the mentioned area from the presence of army and the destruction of the houses. In the neighborhood of those military posts there were about 300 civilian homes from tens of years onwards, and the number increased when refugee families from Shamali came here during the time when their area was attacked by the Taliban.

Recently 300 plots around 120,000 square meters were distributed among senior governmental officials including ministers, deputy ministers, governors, commanders, generals, intelligence (KHAD) administrators and businessmen linked to Fahim, Qanooni, Dostum, Atta, general Dawood and majority of the civil houses came under the plan to be destroyed.

On 6th September 2003 Kabul’s security force under the command of Abdul Baseer Salangi and Jalali the interior minister, both having share of land in Shirpur, rushed to the area and ruined around 30 houses by bulldozers. They even didn’t give the people the opportunity to get their belongings out and hurt some children in the process. The people of the area resisted. They protested and unveiled the acts of government officials and Salangi himself and by pelting stones forced him to get out of the place.

A lady who didn’t disclosed her name while addressing the people said: “Oh people, this culprit by shading our blood has made himself the security chief of Kabul and owns 5,6 homes. These people have betrayed Islam by looting us and telling lies throughout their life. And now they have come to take us out of our mad-homes where we are living since the last 30 years. By destroying our houses they want to make castle for themselves. We should not let them and resist them with our empty hands.”

Mohammad Hanief resident of the area said: “We have come from Shamali at the time when our houses were put on fire by the Taliban and have taken refuge in this place. Unfortunately these warlords have distributed the area among themselves and trying to kick us out. Every one of them owns many homes and now they want to build a new house here.”

The next day the police once again started the destruction. The people once more courageously stood against it. A man, who was former army officer that remained in the house with his family, was shouting loudly: “Let these Jehadies who have ruined the country destroy my home as well and bury me along with my family in the soil.”

All the officials named by the UN envoy are from the Northern Alliance, which is the backbone of the government.

Correspondents say there remains strong factionalism among those in power in Afghan ministries and their supporters.

The UN's special envoy on the right to adequate housing, Miloon Kothari, said on Thursday he had spoken to people whose houses had been destroyed in Kabul's Shir Pur district to make way for new homes for ministers.

In addition to Marshal Fahim, he named the Education Minister, Yunis Qanooni, and said he had a list of others.

"A number of ministers... including the minister of defence are directly involved in this kind of occupation and dispossession of poor people, some of whom have been there for 25 to 30 years."

Mr Kothari warned that if property disputes were not tackled they could return the country to "decades of conflict".

BBC, 12 September, 2003

Mohammad Mohsin another resident while talking to people said: “We are those unlucky people who have no home in any area of Kabul. We are refugees and have nothing to eat. Baseer Salangi is throwing us out of our homes; the government is also not listening to us. Karzai didn’t give us appointment and we came back with empty hands. We protested in front of UNAMA office.

When the news was reflected by the international media throughout the world, Yunus Qanooni and Anwar Ul Haq Ahadi invited a press conference and told the reporters that they don’t see any human rights abuse in this case and pretended their crime as a “legal act”.

Later government announced the destruction of homes to be stopped till the time the matter will be resolved and established an inquiry commission which was unsuccessful in its mission. Jalalie the interior minister during an interview defended the steps taken by Baseer and said that the police has done its job. Habibullah Asqari the deputy mayor of Kabul was asked about the issue and he shamelessly replied: “The municipal committee is unaware of the matter.” While Mohammad Anwar the mayor of Kabul under the name of Director of Olympic, deputy mayor Amir-u-ddin Salak and Asqari himself, has taken plot in that area.

Three months have been given to the residents of the area to leave the place. Threats are there and it is expected that another 250 homes will be destroyed in the coming days.

The daily newspaper “Arman Milie” described the people’s protest unreasonable and the human right exposures baseless because the editor in chief of the newspaper Meer Haider has taken a piece of land in the area.

The chief of Kabul’s second district said: “The distribution of Shirpur plot which is taking place on the basis of factional and personal relationship is completely illegitimate because at the moment there are more then 10,000 applications for plot on the municipal committee’s table which have got no answer since the last few years and no one cares to reply their demands.”

A document in hand from municipal committee about the distribution of land touched the matter in such away: “… the condition for distribution the plots is that each building will be properly cemented, double story and with a well inside. The area located in Wazir Akbar Khan is more expensive.”

The list of those people who has been given plots:

  1. Namatullah Shehrani, Khalili and Fahim deputies to President Karzai.

  2. Shahzada Masoud, Zalmai Hewadmal, Yahya Maroofi, Allam Rasekh, Aqa Husain Hashemi deputy advisor of President.

  3. 18 Minister and deputy ministers.

  4. 20 High rank Jehadi and non-Jehadi Generals.

  5. 48 Armed Jehadi commanders on duty.

  6. 8 Deputy Ministers.

  7. 5 Deputy governors

  8. 22 businessmen linked to Fahim, Qanonie, Ateequllah Baryalie and Bismallah.

  9. General Arif the head of inelegance agency (KHAD) and his 5 relatives.

  10. Mohaqqeq minister of planning who has sold out his share for US$60,000.

  11. Officials of interior ministry and inelegance.

Some of them possessing many homes have preferred to take plots in the name of their wives:

  1. Nooria Zeinab director of state orphanages, the wife of Anwari, the agriculture minister.

  2. Habiba daughter of Ameanullah, wife of general Aziz-ul-deen

  3. Nooria wife of Mufatah-u-din, high official of inelegance. Also they have two homes in Karte Parwan and Sahere Nau.

Some have got plot in the name of their sons:

  1. Chief of army staff Bismillah for his sons Enaitullah and Hidayatullah.

  2. Doustum for his son Batoor

  3. Taj Muhammad Wardak the ex-interior minister for his son Ahmad Najeeb.

Those people who have taken plot in exchange of money or having contacts with these thieves:

RAWA photos: People's homes are destroyed by Kabul Police
RAWA Photos from Shirpur

RAWA photos: Buildings of Afghan Ministers and Authorities in Kabul
Buildings of Afghan
Authorities in Kabul

  1. Mehr Fazil, ambassador

  2. Mehr Sabit, merchant

  3. Mehr Zahir, general

  4. Amir-u-ddin Salak, deputy mayor

  5. Engineer Abdul Latif, chief of housing ministry

  6. Mullah Taj Mohammad, governor of Kabul

  7. Ghulam Nabi Farahi, deputy ministry of commerce

  8. Ahmad Masoud, son of Ahmad Shah Masoud

  9. Mohammad Amin Nasiryar, minister for Hajj and Masques

  10. Mufatah-u-din, high official of inelegance

  11. Engineer Mohammad Ishaq, director of state TV & radio

  12. General Rahim Wardak, deputy minister of defence

  13. Gul Azak Zadran, deputy minister of defence

  14. Baba Jalandar, a commander of Shora-e-Nizar

Those people who have got plot in Shirpur and their old properties have been disclosed are:

  1. Fahim already has three luxurious homes in Karte Dowom, Karte Prawan and Wazir Akbar Khan and many buildings in Taimanie, Khair Khana, Pul Baqh Umommie. And now he has got plot in Shirpur.

  2. Fahim's son-in-laws each have homes in Karte Parwan in front of Nadirya High School.

  3. Also Fahim's brothers Abdul Hussain, Haji Moqiem, Abdul Ameen and Abdul Qadeem have been given plot. All of them already had properties in Parwan Dowam, Parwan Sewam and Karte Parwan. They are busy in business and in charge of making buildings for ISAF in Pul Charkhai and Darleman area. They have also snatched land in Shirpur for Haji Muhammad Usman, Fahim's uncle who already has two homes in Baharstan and Karte Sawom.

  4. Plots were given to Fahim's cousins Ateequllah, Najeebullah, Haji Fareed and Soraiya who already had two or three homes each in Kabul.

  5. Qara Baig director of Red Crescent who has three homes.

  6. Nazarie operation manager for ministry of Hajj and Masques who has two homes.

  7. General Baba Jan having apartment in Makroryan.

  8. General Asif Delawar having apartment in Makroryan.

  9. Doustam has two homes in Shahre Nau.

  10. General Atta has one home in Karte Parwan and another one in Khair Khana.

  11. Engineer Shakir one of the officers of water and power ministry recently has bought a home from Azizullah Wasify in exchange of US$500,000.

  12. Abdul Baseer Salangi the chief of Kabul Police (who was recently removed from his post and another criminal called Gen. Baba Jan was shifted in his post) has three homes and 30 shops in Kabul.

  13. General Zahir Anbar has made a castle for himself in Khair Khana.

  14. Qanooni, the education minister, has many palaces in Khair Khana, Wazir Akbar Khan, India, London and many other places.

  15. Qanooni's brother Mohammad Sharif Sharifi has home in Khair Khana.

  16. General Abdul Ahad who has home in Makroyan.

  17. Anayatullah the ex-minister has two houses in Karte Parwan.

  18. Ghausuddin Faieq, ex-minister who has house in Shahre Nau.

  19. Haji Shir Alam, commander of Sayyaf who has house in Taimanie area of Kabul.

  20. Commander Mullah Azat who has house in Karte Parwan.

  21. Abdul Mahmood LOY SARANWAL has home in Khair Khana.

  22. General Mohammad Arif the head of intelligence agency (KHAD) who has seized three houses in Karte Parwan and has blocked the main road in the area.

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