Martyred KarimDeath of a young freedom-fighter under Taliban's torture

RAWA report, Feb.12, 1998

About one a half months ago the Taliban began a compaign of intimidation of the local population in a large number of villages of Farah province in south west Afghanistan. The Taliban gunmen swarmed into villagers' houses in the dead of the night and took away all the men of the village, particularly younger men. Those arrested were subjected to cruel beatings and torture for " not handing over their weapons" and being against the Taliban.

On the night of February 6,1998, Abdul Karim son of Mohammad Ali, 27 year old peasant from Gajgeen village of Farah province, married and father of 3 succumbed under torture of the Taliban. Abdul Karim was an active participant in the national jihad for the liberation of Afghanistan from Russian occupation and was later staunchly and actively opposed to the excesses and atrocities of jihadi parties and fundamentalist groupings. He was being tortured along with a number of others. All victims were wounded at the time of torture and death of Abdul Karim. The cruelty and criminality of the Taliban is fanning up feelings of hatred and animosity against the Taliban throughout Farah province.

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