RAWA statement on the killing of protesting students in Kabul University.

Salutations to the Freedom-loving Students of Kabul University!

On November 11th, the students of Kabul University carried out a grand demonstration to call for their very basic needs that was brutally suppressed. With this suppression the first sparks of hope were extinguished in the mournful eyes of our war-torn country ruled by criminal fundamentalists.

The blood of Abdul Rahim (law student, first year), Abdul Satar (medical student, second year) and many other dead and wounded students will certainly raise the awareness of the students and all people across the country about the criminal nature of the "Northern Alliance" and the weakness of the non-fundamentalist elements in the government, and will strengthen their intentions to struggle against the religious fascists and any kind of reactionary elements.

When nobody paid any attention to the students' very simple demands for electricity, food, and glass for the windows in their hostel, etc. they arranged a rally and wanted to share their problems directly with the authorities, but when they reached Dehmazang, more than two thousand killers in police uniforms, most of them from Fahim, Qanoni and Abdullah's band, were already present there. After exchanging a few words with the students, these killers opened fire on them. These illiterate criminals who throughout their lives have only learnt to treat knowledge and knowledge-seekers as enemies weren't satisfied only with shedding the blood of the students through gunfire, so they started brutally beating the wounded and arrested students. According to reports, the wild policemen even hit students who were admitted to the hospital. This treacherous and criminal treatment by the fundamentalists and some of the cowardly and compromising ministers, isn't surprising at all. They are a bunch of traitor puppets who feel so shaky and unstable in their rule that the first student movement made them so wildly afraid that they opened fire on the students, and more treacherously, called them pro-Al-Qaeda! Al-Qaeda has become such an easy and cheap excuse! Among thousands of students, it is quite natural that some pro-Al-Qaeda and pro-Taliban or even pro-Gulbuddin elements found a chance to shout "Allah Akbar" (God is Great), and other slogans in favor of those religious traitors. But on the other hand, while the Jehadi bands are far ahead in killing, raping and looting than the Taliban, who would be so stupid as to believe that some three thousand students were encouraged to rise in revolt on behalf of those criminals? Difficult conditions can make any human being rise for their demands, without the "encouragement" of this or that person or group. Besides, we should also ask these demagogic claimants, who consider the hands of Taliban and Al-Qaeda to be involved in the demonstration, if they hadn't imagined the involvement of these "hands", would the hundreds of students suffering from lack of food, electricity and heat have been treated humanely and welcomed with bunches of flowers? If the Jehadi killers would hear the slogan "Down with the Northern Alliance" alongside the slogan "Down with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda", what would have happened then? Wouldn't a greater number of students' blood have be shed by the intelligence of Mr. Marshal? Most of the students, in spite of the 23 year rule of religious and non-religious fascists, lack of education, good schools, and Universities, are very much aware and at least have enough feelings that they haven't forgotten the treacherous crimes of the Taliban, Jehadies and their foreigner masters, and will never allow themselves to be turned into their instruments.

The claim of the education minister that he doesn't have electricity at his house is comic and a big lie . The reality is that, according to the students, even the policemen have every kind of utility, let alone the ministers. When the aforementioned minister says that he came from the West with one bag, and will go back with the same bag it is clear that if he hadn't received instructions from "higher authorities" he wouldn't have stayed in this destroyed country even for a month. One can't expect this minister and the like, instead of grumbling about the lack of facilities, to worry about the dark shadow of Jehadi criminals and the terrorist supporters of "great Massoud" in our country that is truly in harmony with the people and student's

But no pro-democracy and anti-fundamentalist student has such expectations from the coward and collaborating ministers. They are aware that the members not affiliated with the "Northern Alliance" are such engaged in their shameful collaboration, that their word about the student's uprising would not be much different from that of vulgar, bloody and rapist "Marshals" and "Generals".

The November 11th demonstrations ended soon but it showed that most of Kabul's students, with their struggle against the criminal Jehadies and their government, have separated their path from that of all of the different fundamentalist bands in power, and that they will never allow their movement to carry the smallest hint of those criminals, because this will only cause their movement to eventually be misused by the suppressing rulers.

The students should never forget that victory will be theirs only if they focus their struggle towards the unity of students in all provinces and especially through the organization of student unions. They can gain people's trust and praise only by concentrating their efforts, till the end, on the trial and punishment of all the direct and indirect killers of the martyred students as well as on the fate of the lost and arrested students.

Our students should learn from their brothers and sister around the world and specifically in Iran where they heroically and fearlessly fought against the bloody Islamic Republic, this filthy protector of the criminal Jehadies. TheIranian students take nobody's side and the cowards of the Iranian regime are never able to deceive them.

The proud banner of our student movement is once again rising in the air. The star of the glorious traditions of Kabul University is glowing amongst blood, dust and ashes. This banner crimsoned with the blood of Rahim, Ghafar and others, should be carried by all honest, anti-fundamentalist, patriotic and pro-women's rights students. Keeping this banner aloft always, is a symbol of every male and female students' loyalty towards the values of freedom, democracy and social justice in our country.

RAWA, in addition to sharing the grief and sorrow of the mothers and fathers of all the dead, wounded and lost students, announces its full support for the freedom-loving students struggle.

Down with the "Northern Alliance"!
Down with the killers and the batterers of the wounded students!
Long live the student's movement for freedom and democracy!
May the memory of Rahim and Ghafar live forever!

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
November 24, 2002

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