RAWA Seminar on
Promoting the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence in Anti-Fundamentalist Fight
April 4 -7, 2005 – Rawalpindi

From April 4 to 7, 2005, RAWA held a seminar under the title of "Promoting the Culture of Peace and Non-Violence in Anti-Fundamentalist Fight". It was sponsored by Melbourne-based International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA). Around 140 women and men participated the seminar. The aim of the seminar was to educate Afghans, especially teachers of RAWA schools, on the issue of peace and non-violence and ways to promote this culture in the post-conflict situation in Afghanistan.

Among the participants many victims of violence were also present who shared there stories with others.

RAWA activists expressed RAWA point of view and educational policy with the participants and stressed on the need to replace the current rotten educational system in Afghanistan to meet modern values and principles. RAWA especially urged teacher of its schools to effectively take part in putting into practice the educational policy of RAWA to nourish a new generation of peace through RAWA education centers that is free from the dirt of fundamentalism and committed to accepted values of human rights and women’s rights.

around 140 people, many of them women participated in the seminar

The program of the 4-day seminar was as follows:

Monday, 4th April

  • Anna Stone, representatives from IWDA (Australia), Laura Quagliuolo, from RAWA Italian supporters group and Pakistani and Afghan guests spoke on “Promoting the Culture of Peace and non-violence.
  • Slide shows on RAWA activities and fundamentalists’ brutalities
  • Briefing participants and dividing them into groups for the next days of the workshops
  • Question and Answer session.

Tuesday, 5th April

Workshops on "Women, the prime and easiest victims of war and violence". Separate groups discussed the following themes:

  • Victims of fundamentalists’ crime and domestic violence shared their stories
  • Situation of Afghan refugees in Pakistan and Iran
  • Children of war and orphans in Afghanistan
  • Domestic violence against women and how to help the victims

Wednesday, 6th April

Workshops on "Women in the forefront of fight for peace, freedom and secular democracy". Separate groups discussed the following themes:

  • Importance of peace, freedom and secular democracy and ways to achieve it
  • RAWA educational policy and its outcome
  • RAWA agitation and its effect to fight against violence
  • International laws and UN resolutions on violence against women and importance of accountability
  • How proper documentation of human rights abuses can reduce violence and help promote peace?

Thursday, 7th April

A drama presented by students of RAWA school
A drama presented by students of RAWA school

Cultural Day:

  • Patriotic songs by RAWA orphanage children
  • Painting exhibition by RAWA orphanage children
  • Photo exhibition of RAWA photos from human rights abuses
  • A stage drama and national dance by students of RAWA schools
  • Screening of documentaries on RAWA and Afghan women

Students of RAWA orphanages presented Afghanistan's National Dance Students of RAWA orphanages presented Patriotic Songs

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