Kabul Oct.2002
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Cinema Barekot in Kabul. From 1992-96 Hezb-e-Wahdat criminal band used this building for raping tens of ill-fated Afghan women.

Parts of RAWA interview with (L) daughter of (GH. R) who was raped by men of Wahdat Party in Cinema Barekot in 1993:

"... this time Qiadi took me to Barikot cinemaís check post where some women and girls of Sunni Muslim background were imprisoned as well. They were being treated very badly and were dying under the tortures of Wahdatites. I was forced to cook for them during the days and was being raped repeatedly during the nights. This continued for ten to twelve days. Other women imprisoned in other rooms of the cinema were treated even worse than I was. Wahdatites didnít care I was one of their Hazaras, they were committing their acts on whoever they could lay their hands. Repeated rapes and sometimes gang rapes had wrecked my physical and mental health. I witnessed, with my own eyes, how other women were being raped. They brought peopleís wives and sisters on different pretexts and were raping them."

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