Kabul Oct.2002
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Afshar - Kabul where hundreds of civilians were massacred by Massoud and Sayyaf forces on Feb.11, 1993.

For details of Afshar massacre read Human Rights Watch document “Blood-Stained Hands: Past Atrocities in Kabul and Afghanistan’s Legacy of Impunity” (July 7, 2005) which also confirms Ahmad Shah Massoud’s involvement in the crime:

"... another commanders’ meeting was held by Massoud in a safe house in Karte Parwan, near the Hotel Intercontinental, on the night before the offensive… Massoud also convened a meeting in the Hotel Intercontinental on the second day of the operation, February 12, attended by military commanders and political figures, including Rabbani, Sayyaf and Fahim.

Ahmad Shah Massoud is implicated in many of the abuses documented in this report, both those committed by Jamiat forces, and those committed by other militia forces under his command...."

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