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RAWA statement
on "peace conference" in Jeddah

Once again there is hue and cry about the "peace conference" among the Jehadi and Taliban criminals in Jeddah and even certain media are pretending that this time the fundamentalists - after all these catastrophes and brutalities want to take their bloody hands off from our devastated people's head by pledging in Mecca and Madina and finally bring peace and tranquility in Afghanistan.

What does the gloomy and notorious history of both criminal camps say? Whether these criminals are really reluctant and able to modify their nature which is dependency to foreign powers, reaction, terrorism, ignorance, misogyny, and hostility towards science and culture? Whether they will drop their lust for their blood-stained treacherous and cultivation of poppy and trafficking of heroin and emerald, lapis lazuli and other precious stones? If the answer to all these questions is positive, then a miracle has been happened which as a result the so-called "Shir" (lion) of Panjshir instead of being the servant of Russia, Iran and France has become a "national hero" and mullah Omer has been praying and telling beads for the betterment of the people's welfare, education progress!

But centuries have passed since the end of miracles and fairy tales. As we and constantly reiterated, the nature of the fundamentalists, especially its Afghani type is inseparable with war. The end of the relation of Jehadis and Taliban with gun, rape, heroin and the auction of the nation would mean the end of their life. Not to be able to give the people, they have no doubt that their "importance" depends only by relying on bullets treason and wrapping up themselves with the Quran verses and Hadeths.

Our above claim has been proved in the past and this time too, unfortunately, will not be different: the "peace conference" between the criminal camps of Jehadis and Taliban is just to kill time and the preparation for the new round of bloody and destructive fighting. At the meantime, as we have announced time and again, the reconciliation between the different fundamentalist criminals - if happened- will intensify their bloody and tragic oppression and looting against our people and will block the way of our grave-turned-country from joining the caravan of science, welfare and civilization of the world.

Those who think about the reconciliation between the fundamentalists of Afghanistan and even taking steps in this regard- while never think about the removal of these filthy blemishes from the body of our country, will never be considered as the friends of the Afghan people. The creation of peace, welfare and progress in Afghanistan is just possible if the domination of the fundamentalists is ended in our country.

We ask, especially the new government of Pakistan to review its relationship with the Taliban. In its first days, the new leader of Pakistan rightly announced that there is no representative government in Afghanistan. But unfortunately today we are witnessing that Pakistan is welcoming the representatives of the same puppet and illegal government as they welcomed Rabbani's regime, and even they are signing an agreement about the fixing of borderline in the area of Kariz Qamaruddin. Does agreement with such government could be stable and long lasting? Why Pakistan doesn't consider the most brutal and ridiculous regime in the world against the very basic principles of democracy, human rights and international laws? Isn't this humiliation for Pakistan to recognize a government which even forbids the photography and the sound of women's feet? Above all Pakistan must think about our people and the establishment of peace and freedom in Afghanistan if it really wants to win the friendship and respect of our nation.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
May 22, 2000

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