Bomb Blast in Jalalabad, 9 killed, 92 wounded
The following photos are by a RAWA reporter in the city who was a witness of the terrible blast

On April 8, 2002, when Interim government Defense Minister Mohammad Fahim was visiting Jalalabad, a powerful bomb explosion took place in the city center; 9 were killed and 92 others were wounded. With the exception of 2 wounded Northern Alliance gunmen, all other victims were innocent people, many of them students.

It is said that this was an assassination attempt on the minister by a group of the Northern Alliance who oppose Fahim. Thus again our defenseless people fall victim to the inter-fundamentalists oppositions.

For Fahim's visit, the security officials forcibly closed all shops, schools and other institutions, and asked people to line up on the sides of the road to welcome him. The bomb exploded in a crowded square called Talashi Chowk causing the very high number of casualties. Fahim was not hurt in the blast and he left the city in a flash after the incident.

RAWA photos, April 8, 2002

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