RAWA report from Herat, February 13, 2002

Iranian regime supports Afghan criminals

Mr. Younis Qanoni, interior minister of internet government stated "there are no 'Revolutionary Gaurds' -part of the Iranian army - or any Iranian in our land", it is very interesting that not only he denies the dirty role of Iranian regime in helping Osama, Mullah Omar etc. he talks about the efforts of the Pakistani Intelligence in helping them. There is no doubt about the ties of the Pakistani Intelligence with the Taliban criminals being of key importance, but it is childish to ignore the plots of Iranian government in creating the notorious Wahdat Party and then supporting Ismael Khan in Heart and criminal Gulbuddin in Iran.

In Herat the people have developed extensive suspicion towards General Ismael Khan, especially after some of his interviews regarding the general disarmament and his close ties with the Iranian regime as well as the important role of the American propaganda against him. Although in his recent interviews, Ismael Khan denied his close links with the Iranian government and declared his support for the interim government, but the people of Herat were witnessing in general gatherings and the Herat TV, the presence of Iranian intelligence officers and "Sipah-e-Pasdaran", and Ismael Khan's thankfulness towards Iran for their help.

Some of the Taliban officials have escaped to Iran and most of them are residing in Zahedan, among them Molovi Faqir and Molovi Dost Mohammad (both of them were taken to Zahedan by Akbar Maliar - a well known ex-Khalqi who is now member of the Iranian intelligence and possibly this task given to him by the Iranian intelligence).

Abdul Hai Mutmain, Molovi Qudoos (known as Mullah Qudoos), was the chief of border forces in Farah during the Taliban rule.

It is said that Molovi Dost Muhammad was the Chief Justice in Helmand and Farah provinces and is presently member of the Islamic Party of Gulbuddin whose office was recently closed by Iranian regime in Zahedan.

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