Kabul in gap of poverty and destitution
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Kabul, Oct.23, 2006: Spanish Embassy is in one of the narco-mansions. Sherpur was a colony of poor people in Kabul that in 2003 were forcibly evicted and their houses were destroyed so the warlords make such mansions.

Miloon Kothari, UN-appointed, independent rapporteur on housing rights said to reporters on September 12, 2003 :
"Essentially what we have found there is that ministers and people at the highest level are involved in occupying land and in demolishing the homes of poor people. A number of ministers... including the minister of defence are directly involved in this kind of occupation and dispossession of poor people, some of whom have been there for 25 to 30 years. The very people who are responsible for maintaining law and order and responsible for ensuring that these people have their rights, appear to be the violators."