The US government tries to unite vultures into one table.

April 17, 1998 - Shiberghan in North of Afghanistan: US officials and Afghan so-called leaders, from left, Bruce O. Riedel, Special Assistant to US President, Karl Frederick Inderfurth, Assistant Secretary of State, Bill Richardson, US envoy and Ambassador in United Nations, Burhanuddin Rabani, Rashid Dostum, Karim Khalili, Mohammad Abdullah, representative of Masood, Joined hands after talks for peace in Afghanistan.

The News, April 18, 1998:
A senior Taliban official, Wakil Ahmad Mutawakil said: "It was a matter of happiness for the leadership of the emirate that after a very long delay such a senior delegation has come." He said that the talks were held in an atmosphere of understanding.

Criminals are talking about peace!

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