A family escapes to a safe place during a fighting in Kabul. 1993

"The total number of unarmed Afghan civilian who have been killed by deliberate artillery attacks on residential areas in the past three years runs into the tens of thousands. Such killings have been reported from all parts of the country, although the vast majority of victims - more than 25,000 have been killed in Kabul. They have died while posing no threat to anyone, while walking on the streets, sitting in their houses or sheltering in schools and mosques where they had hoped to find safety.

Age is no barrier to the cruelty of some armed guards. A 15-year-old girl was repeatedly raped in her house in Kabul's Chel Sotoon district in March 1994 by armed guards.


In March 1995 Shura-e-Nezar forces reportedly carried out raids on hundreds of civilian homes in Kabul's south-western district of Karte She, killing or beating whole families, looting property and raping Hazara women. One family, interviewed by a foreign journalist in Kabul, said President Rabbani's soldiers had told them they wanted to "drink the blood of the Hazaras". Medical workers in the area confirmed at the time at least six incidents of rape and two attempted rapes, but believed the actual number was much higher.

Afghanistan: International responsibility for human rights disaster", (AI, 1995)

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