After the domination of the Kabul by Jehadi fundamentalists they committed gross violation of human rights and savagely raped Afghan mothers, teenager girls and boys and reduced Kabul to rubble.

In a report by AFP (published in The Frontier Post, Feb. 16,1993):
"There were 12 of them, some carrying rocket launchers on their shoulders. They broke down the door, then they made advances to my sister and me," Said Shahla, a young nurse.

"My father tried to stop them, but they hit him and then tortured him. They cut off one of his feet and both his hands. In the courtyard there was a big dog belonging to one of the commanders. One of them threw my father's hands to the dog."
A jehadi in Action in Kabul

Criminal armed forces of Ahmad Shah Massoud
in action in one of Kabul streets.

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