Mass grave with 600 human skeletons found in Afghanistan

The Frontier Post, October 6, 1999
By Aimal Khan

A mass grave with 600 human skeletons has been found in remote area of Pash Kanda in Helmand province, an Afghan source revealed here on Tuesday. The source told The Frontier Post here on Tuesday that a mass grave was discovered by a resident of Wardag province, who accidentally came across the heap of human skeletons while searching for his missing relatives. The first mass grave was discovered few years back in Dasht Laila, where bodies of thousands of student militia were found. The Taliban authorities were immediately informed about the discovery, said the source. However, the authorities least interested in launching probe into the mass grave, added the source.

Taliban have unearthed a gang of 10 criminals, headed by commander Haji Khaleefa who is suspected to be involved in this barbaric act, claimed the source, requesting anonymity. Haji Khaleefa was also reportedly involved in raping women and killing innocent children disclosed the source. The commander was transferred from Dilaram Ullaswali (district) to Shahjee a few months back by the Taliban high-ups, said the source. Khaleefa, who was arrested few weeks ago, reportedly confessed to his crimes. He is in Qandahar prison's Ward No 4. The Taliban authorities have recovered goods worth billion of Afghanis from his residence as well. Haji Khaleefa usually kill the people after looting them. Their bodies were secretly buried in the Pash Kanda, said the source.

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