The Frontier Post, December 11, 2001

Fahim shifts weapons to Panjsher

ISLAMABAD (NNI): The Northern Alliance Defence Minister General Faheem has ordered shifting of arms, ammunition and food stocks and dumps from Kabul to Panjsher, Afghan sources said Monday.He has ordered this shifting immediately after Northern Alliance entry into Kabul.

Organized looting by Faheemís men of government stores is a sure sign that Northern Alliance has some other plan, which is to restock Panjsher valley depots from Kabul, before an interim government is effected, or a UN peacekeeping force takes over control of Afghanistan.

Reports further say that it is for the same reasons that Professor Rabbani appears to have been sacrificed at Bonn by Qanooni and his Panjsheris, that is why Rabbani is warming up to Pakistan.

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