Taliban-style public hangings
in "liberated" Afghanistan

On January 2, 2004, a clash took place between government army and robbers in western province of Farah in Afghanistan. 2 robbers were killed, one wounded and 2 others were arrested. The next day on January 3, 2004, government officials of Farah decided to hang the dead bodies in two different locations in the city of Farah. The dead bodies were hanged in a crowded square of city for over 8 hours and thousands of people including children watched the horrible scenes which reminded the era of terror under Taliban.

The officials of Farah, mainly warlords belonging to fundamentalist groups of the Northern Alliance, demonstrated their real nature that there is not much difference between them and the medieval-minded Taliban who were largely criticized for this kind of brutal punishments under their rule.

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Exclusive RAWA photos, Jan.3, 2004

Afghan police hang killed victims in the Farah City in western Afghanistan

Antoher victim hanged by police in Farah city

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