Taliban publicly executed 3 men

AFP, 27th April, 1999

KABUL, April 27 (AFP) - Afghanistan's hardline Taliban Islamic militia Monday publicly executed three men jointly accused of murder, adultery and burglary in the central province of Ghazni, Radio Shariat said.

The Taliban mouthpiece said Mehrabuddin, Mohammad Akbar and Gul Mohammad had killed a resident of Ghazni after stealing more than 3,000 dollars' worth of Afghan and Iranian currency from his house.

"They also had an affair with the wife of the murdered and had committed Zena (illegal sexual intercourse) with her several times," the station said.

They were publicly executed in Ghazni city before hundreds of spectators.

The pregnant wife of the victim, Tayeba, was also convicted of Zena and will be given "Sharia punishment" after delivery of her baby, Radio Shariat said.

It did not specify what her punishment would be, but according to the Taliban's fundamentalist interpretation of Islamic Sharia law, married adulterers are stoned to death.

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