Taliban execute two murderers

KABUL, July 4,1998 (AFP) - Two alleged murderers have been publicly executed in the Afghan town of Ghazni under orders of the hardline Taliban militia, state-run radio Shariat announced Saturday. The militia radio said the Friday execution was attended by thousands of locals of the town, situated around 130 kilometers south west of the Afghan capital.

It said one of the alleged murderers, Mohammad Nabi, was a communist and had committed his crime during the communist rule of the country from 1979 to 1992.

The report said the other murderer, Waheedullah, had confessed to the brutal killing of his wife. It said both had confessed in court to the crimes.

"The court decision was approved by (Taliban leader) the Amir-ul Mohimeen (leader of the faithful) and heavenly order was administered on the culprits," it added.

The Taliban hold around two-thirds of Afghanistan, and have implemented a strict interpretation of Islamic Shariat law, including public executions, floggings and the amputation of the limbs of thieves.

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