A letter which was handed over to the UN office in Islamabad during RAWA demonstration on the dark day of April 28, 2007

RAWA call on the United Nations

To: The United Nations Security Council

Dear Sir,

Recently the United Nations envoy in Afghanistan, Mr. Tom Koenigs announced: “If there is to be a chance for peace, we must talk to everyone, including alleged war criminals." He said this included the Taliban, which he described as "a movement that includes terrorists and uses terrorist methods but that also has a political foundation." (AFP, April 14, 2007)

After the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001, with great disappointment and surprise, Afghan people witnessed how the US government with the help of the UN handed over power to the “Northern Alliance”, which is an even much more criminal band than the Taliban. Following this treason and cruelty to the people of Afghanistan, parliamentary elections were observed under the UN supervision, and predictably, due to the established power of the Northern Alliance mafia, the outcome was a disgusting parliament full of criminal warlords and those responsible for the plundering of Afghanistan and reducing it to the current terrible state.

But as if, for the UN, such treason and insult to our people were not enough, it now publicly announces support for negotiations with the Taliban, who, like the “Northern Alliance” killers, have been justly called a medieval-minded, murderous, misogynist, anti-science and anti-civilization gang by “Human Rights Watch”, “Amnesty International” and other well-known organizations.

If the plan for talks with the Taliban is realized, it will be tantamount to tightening the grasp of brutal fundamentalists around the necks of our mournful people.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) strongly condemns such UN plans. We call on the UN that if it is not willing to support pro-democracy and freedom-loving forces of Afghanistan, and doesn’t want to bring dirty war criminals of the Taliban and the Northern Alliance to an international court of justice, then at least the UN should stop efforts that prolong the domination of the most sanguinary, anti-democracy and anti-women terrorists of the Taliban and the Northern Alliance over our suffering country.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

April 28, 2007

RAWA statement on the Black Day of April 28

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